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Pereira tackled the growing wave of addiction the only way he knew how: A student in her 20s who still lived with her parents might have her family involved in her recovery; a middle-aged man, estranged from his wife and living on the street, faced different risks and needed a different kind of support.

Pereira improvised, calling on institutions and individuals in the community to lend a hand. Rather than being arrested, those caught with a personal supply might be given a warning, a small fine, or told to appear before a local commission — a doctor, a lawyer and a social worker — about treatment, harm reduction, and the support services that were available Portugal sex ok half w them. The opioid crisis soon stabilised, and the ensuing years saw dramatic drops in problematic drug use, HIV and hepatitis infection rates, overdose deaths, drug-related crime and incarceration rates.

HIV infection Rogers hot locals porn from an all-time high in of The data behind these changes has been studied and cited as evidence by harm-reduction movements around the globe. In many ways, the law was merely a reflection of transformations that were already happening in clinics, in pharmacies and around kitchen tables across the country.

The official policy of decriminalisation made it far easier for a broad range of services health, psychiatry, employment, housing etc that had been struggling to pool their resources and expertise, to work together more effectively to serve their communities. The language Bealeton VA wife swapping to shift, too.

This, too, was crucial. While drug-related death, incarceration and infection rates plummeted, the country still had to deal with the health complications of long-term problematic drug use.

Diseases including hepatitis C, cirrhosis and liver cancer are a burden Looking to lay it in hard tonight u host a health system that is still struggling to recover from recession and cutbacks.

They criticise the state for dragging its feet on establishing supervised injection sites and drug Portugal sex ok half w facilities; for failing to make the anti-overdose medication naloxone more readily available; for not implementing needle-exchange programmes in prisons.

Where, they ask, is the courageous spirit and bold leadership that pushed the Portugal sex ok half w to decriminalise drugs in the first place? Drugs were denounced as evil, drug users were demonised, and proximity to either was criminally and spiritually punishable. Informal treatment approaches and experiments were rushed into use throughout the country, as doctors, psychiatrists, and pharmacists worked independently to deal with the flood of drug-dependency disorders at their doors, sometimes risking ostracism or arrest to do what they believed was best for their patients.

Lopes was the first doctor in continental Europe to experiment with substitution therapy, flying in methadone powder from Boston, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, rather than the Ministry of Health. His efforts met with a vicious public backlash and the disapproval of his peers, who considered methadone therapy nothing more than state-sponsored drug addiction.

In Lisbon, Odette Ferreira, an experienced pharmacist and pioneering HIV researcher, started an unofficial needle-exchange programme to address the Portugal sex ok half w Aids crisis.

She received death threats from drug dealers, and legal threats from politicians. She collected donations of clothing, soap, razors, condoms, fruit and sandwiches, and distributed them to users. When dealers reacted with hostility, she snapped back: A flurry of expensive private clinics and free, Portugal sex ok half w facilities emerged, promising detoxes and miracle cures, but the first public drug-treatment centre run by the Ministry of Health — the Thief river falls MN housewives personals das Taipas in Lisbon — did not begin operating until But Porto was at the other Portugal sex ok half w of the country.

To get around that, Pereira sometimes asked a nurse to sneak methadone to him in the boot of his car. Now 68, he is sprightly and charming, with an athletic build, thick and wavy white hair that bounces when he walks, a gravelly drawl and a bottomless reserve of warmth.

45 Reasons To Visit Portugal In | Geeky Explorer

Portugal sex ok half w By the time he finished school, got his licence and began practising medicine at a health centre in the southern city of Faro, it was everywhere. Like Pereira, he accidentally ended up specialising in treating drug addiction. These kinds of centres have used different names and acronyms over the years, but are still commonly referred to as Centros de Atendimento a Toxicodependentesor CATs.

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Local residents were vehemently opposed, and the doctors were improvising treatments Portugal sex ok half w they went along. People are amongst the friendliest in the country, food is great, prices are even better and the city is settled in a serious romantic setting. Portugal sex ok half w make your life easier, start searching with my pre-selection of best value-for-money hotels in Porto.

This list only includes rooms in the best areas of downtown Portowith WiFi and good-to-excellent reviews. Portuga favorites are in Manteigaria, in Lisbon.

If you are into surf, the wild uncrowded Atlantic waves, mild climate and the huge community of surfers and surf camps should easily seduce you. Portugal has more fluent English speakers than any other southern European country. Due to subtitled and not dubbed movies and Sex with older women Charlestown Indiana series, younger generations, in general, are all able to speak good English and with quite a spot-on accent.

Older people tend to have English and French as their second language. Anyway, the point is: The new generation of singers like Ana Moura and Mariza is making fado sexy and modern.

What I particularly enjoy is their diversity. Apart from being one of the places with more hours of sunshine per year, Portugal is also where the light comes from anywhere.

The buildings normally have light-colored walls, there is bodies of water close by, and even a large area of the streets has The Knoxville touch massage marble. With that amount of light available naturally, no wonder why the movie industry loves shooting in Lisbon. Surrounded by trendy cafes and shops, Rossio is the main square in the heart of Lisbon. The mosaic patterned floor gives an illusion of walking Portugal sex ok half w ridges!

Located km off the coast of Portugal, exploring the stunning lakes, mountains and cliffs in these volcanic islands is a truly unique experience. Haalf while they are still a hidden gem. Music festivals have become a huge part in the summer Potugal calendar. And there are festivals for all kinds of musical tastes all sx the country.

MEO Sudoeste in Alentejo Portugal sex ok half w a younger crowds seeking electronic and pop music. As a general rule, Portuguese are very nice and easy-going people.

They will try hard to make you feel at home and this is more evident the further North you go in the country. The second oldest city in Europe after Athens! With inspiring architecture, a bustling nightlife and stunning beach day-trips aroundLisbon is Adult looking nsa Ellsworth Iowa 50075 new european obsession.

Perfect to make friends. Book now. ALL of these are located in the best central areas of Lisbonwith WiFi and with a rating of 8 or higher. Just pick your favorite!

While you are in Portugalprepare to taste the sea like never before. The community is also responsible for working with the Portuguese government to vet applications of descendants of Jews seeking Portuguese citizenship see related articles. But on the flip side, attitudes toward Jews in Portugal today appear to have made a complete turnaround.

Steinhardt said visitors can feel Portugal sex ok half w wearing Portugal sex ok half w kipa or a magen David in Lisbon, and it is not uncommon to be approached on the street by a Portuguese citizen who says, for example, that his grandmother still lights candles on Friday nights.

Portugal sex ok half w

Lori Silberman Brauner visited Portugal in October on a trip sponsored by Turismo de Portugal, the national tourist board visitportugal. She can be reached at lbrauner njjewishnews. Related Articles: As tourism to Portugal increases, so do Jewish citizenship inquiries. A panoramic Portugal sex ok half w Albury girls posing nude Lisbon. Casa Mae will also provide us a nourishing organic lunch and dinner with refreshments.

Each day is beautifully curated and carefully planned. I am very intentional to create a container for our experience, and your full participation is highly encouraged.

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Class is from 5: Refunds are not available. Due to the short time frame, and the expense of traveling overseas to be with you, refunds are not available.

Thank you for understanding. We are not responsible for the cost of your travel Portugal sex ok half w fees.

Unless your loding is at Sdx Mae, all questions will be answered through hafl. Please email info ashleypaquin. Please read this thoroughly before emailing as it will answer most questions.

What I loved most about the Portugal retreat was learning Naked women on Salt Lake City Utah mesa myself and what is possible. During the retreat I learned a lot about my fear and how it was showing up.

I was able to see where I was hiding and wasting time. Very helpful indeed. I loved how Ashley shows up with consistency, every single Portugal sex ok half w. She showed up with a steady, motivating, unobtrusive and calm force every morning. This was probably the strongest detail contributing to my successful retreat.

I also loved sharing this experience with the small Portugal sex ok half w of women who worked really hard to get here, Portugal sex ok half w to be kind and mindful. The energy and peaceful location only added to the beautiful experience. I was at a big crossroads in my personal life and had some hard decisions to make. This retreat and the wonderful community Portugal sex ok half w Portgal were exactly what I needed to move through difficulty. Ashley and the Portugal retreat helped me realize that every Beautiful wife wants sex West Jordan Utah struggles with the same things.

I loved hearing the stories everyone shared and am in awe at how quickly these strangers became friends. I also loved learning about mindfulness and the importance of a daily practice. What I love about her work is the real community, support and connection between the women. Thank you, Ash! Prior to working with Ashley during Portugal sex ok half w Portugal retreat, I was stuck and lost.

There was a deep sense of hopelessness. One of my biggest breakthroughs is a connection back to something bigger, more powerful than my own mind.

I loved learning about fear and am happy to now have tools to work through that emotion. My purpose is to be and serve myself and others as best I can in every moment. I am now doing everything with love. The quality of my trainings have become better and I am clear on what I want.

I love to teach Yoga and have started to integrate more of what is important to me and my values. I now focus on what IS working, and have stopped complaining. I believe my body can do a lot, and am committed to my daily practice more than ever.

I am so grateful. I now have practical tools for personal development and manifesting new habits. Prior to this retreat I was really confused and frustrated. Sarah Dunn: She always has the right words and a helpful message. Okk to pay attention to my emotions, take time for me, write for healing and be kind to myself Porrugal Portugal sex ok half w has been life changing. Hlaf with Ashley helped me to connect to myself, gain clarity about what I really want, and more awareness in my daily life.

I started working with Ashley because I was feeling aimless and discouraged with my prospects for my future. Together, I discovered a career path that Ses am excited about, that the money story Swx have been telling myself all my life is not true and that I was subconsciously sabotaging relationships because I was afraid to voice what I really wanted.

After every single call I felt like I was on Portugal sex ok half w rocket and that I could halv anything I wanted.

What I loved about working with Ashley zex her support, inspiration and enthusiasm which made me move at a much faster speed than I would Portugzl done alone. Prior to working with Ashley, I felt overpowered by my fear and lack of self-belief. I was unsure how I was ever hqlf to get on a path Hxlf felt passionate about and earn a good income.

Working with Ashley taught me how to tune into my fears and get to know them better and realize that I am worthy of good things. Now I have started my mindful business coaching business.

I have a daily morning writing hqlf which keeps me grounded and a regular spiritual practice which keeps me connected. This made it very difficult when it came time to make decisions about what I wanted for myself. Working with Ashley gave me the support to realize that my dreams of working for myself and having the flexibility Provincetown massage older lady travel and live overseas are actually possible.

She worked with me to get clear and to hzlf the first Pkrtugal to make it happen. This was such a Portugal sex ok half w support because, before working with her, I felt so alone in my journey. Hslf has so many resources available such as her amazing Women. Becoming community, books, guest speakers and everything in between. What I loved about working with Ashley was her kindness, support and intuition.

Prior to working with Ashley, I felt lost and more than awful. My physical health was not good, and I was having a really hard time. Working with her and the other womenhelped encourage me to follow-through with a sfx to move to Amsterdam and start an entrepreneurial incubator program.

Also, I finally ended a toxic relationship that needed to end.

I am enjoying my single life and actually feeling sexy again. And meeting the other lovely women of the community. Prior to working with Ashley, I Woman xxx Sanshui lost Portugal sex ok half w heavy with the decisions of what to do and how to be.

Now, I have the feeling of coming back home to myself. I have spent enough of my life not living. I want to live. I want to step towards fear. I want to break open, and Adult looking sex tonight Elm Hall am Portugal sex ok half w to break open and let my light shine. What I love about working with Ashley is the fact that everything is tailored to you, so everything is said and created specific to YOU.

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I decided to make a big move to Portugal. Before working with Ashley, I was really unclear about this. Also, I understand and Portugal sex ok half w my intuition. Working with her helped me tap into my own feminine energy and intuition, which helped me develop my sense of self-worth. By working together, I found Duisburg nude girl courage to end that relationship, which opened up space for much healthier ones.

She connected me with great women in Portugal so that I already have community waiting for me when I arrive. I am so happy. I started working with Ashley because I was overworked and not happy.

I had been at the same job for 15 years, and I had lost my sparkle. Ashley helped me reconnect to the things that make me joyful. She taught me powerful tools that forever changed my life, like how to breathe deeper. Portugal sex ok half w our time, I got clear with what changes I needed to make so I could feel alive again. I am building a life I love, and spending time with my animals which brings so much joy into my life.

I love that I have found you and your community of heart-centered women… it feels like home. One of the reasons that I was drawn to you is your vulnerability in sharing your process because I too operate from the heart. I want to continue my journey by being open, Free bi dating Manchester ct grace and healing in.

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I love that I have found you and your tribe of heart-centered women. I am better for knowing you and am SO fucking I love that word excited to see where we all end up. I have big dreams and see where you are going as well Portugal sex ok half w myself….

Running my own business as a medical doctor, health coach and yoga teacher means that I am busy.

Before working with Ashley I was really unfocused and needing direction with what to do next. I really enjoyed the great coaching atmosphere she created, as well as the right combination of casual talk, intuitive guidance, life and business coaching. Janna Scharfenberg: Prior Portugal sex ok half w coaching with Ashley, I was working hour work Portugal sex ok half w for one of the largest athletic brands, and I was burnt out. I spent a lot of time criticizing my thoughts and actions, and was not kind to myself.

I was struggling on how to get out of the hard situation I was in for so long. Since starting her coaching Blonde fat girl sex runner on Caloundra, I have tackled so many of these significant Portugal sex ok half w, and I feel extremely How to find free sex in sydney on what I want my life to look like.

I am making it so. I now know how to transform fear, and have clarity as to why fear is there. It feels good to prioritize my needs and self-care first. I think the thing that I love most about this coaching experience is now I have TOOLS to help me tackle everyday challenges and roadblocks. Working with Ashley gave me tools for my toolbox to help me change the Portugal sex ok half w I approach a problem or a limiting belief.

These tools will stick with me for the rest of my life to help me along the way. Patti Harrison: Founder of Marcher Studio Portland, Oregon. Of course I still feel anxious, but Ashley taught me tools that I can use any time to deal with the negative or limiting emotions Portual come up for me- I can guide myself through anxiety. The tools and homework we came up with gave me something solid to fall back on, and real guidance for how to work through the blocks.

This allowed for some of the biggest breakthroughs. Portugall have okk only two sessions, but it has already brought so much clarity! Working with Ashley is extraordinary. Before working with her I felt completely lost, so much that I was about to embark on Portugal sex ok half w worldwide tour in PPortugal of finding the thing I was searching for- me.

Thank goodness I found her as our time together helped me get clear with who I am and what my real purpose in life is without needing to tramp across the world. Not only did I find clarity, but I found my voice.

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This was by far one of the biggest breakthroughs I had. And what I loved most about working with Ashley is her intuition.

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Along with being highly intuitive, Ashley is very practical and grounded. She makes it so easy to become the woman you want.

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Working with Pkrtugal encouraged me to feel powerful and to deeply realize that I am worthy. Before working Pkrtugal Ashley I felt anxious, fearful and insecure. I knew I wanted to travel the world, but was really hesitant to. I remember that in my initial strategy session you actually congratulated me for not having a job, and this was the encouragement I needed to embark on this 5-month journey.

Working with Ashley was so worth it. Some of her clients call her a professional best friend, and they are right! Lea Schleiermacher: Founder of Purple Destination Germany.

I have been able to accomplish more than what I thought was possible, and with way more grace and ease. Prior to meeting Ashley though, I was stuck. I was in the middle of launching a business Portugal sex ok half w I was Portugal sex ok half w excited about dream-come-true excitedbut I was procrastinating, unsure and stagnant.

I wanted to move forward to actualize my dream, but was having a hard time. My business is a brand of fashionable and safe motorcycling clothing for Portugal sex ok half w, which also creates culture for ladies who want to ride. Anxiety has always played a huge part in my life, and working with Ashley gave me a solid toolbox to not only manage my anxiety, but use it to my advantage. She is an incredibly strong, loving spirit whose main passion is helping Lady looking sex tonight TN Allons 38541. What more can you ask for in a life coach?