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For ages 4 to 8 years. In Sum Vaders alien robots invade the earth. Only quick thinking and fast reactions can prevent them. Several levels of difficulty and a two-player game with a hancicap option make Sum Vaders equally testing for all family members, from 8 years to adult. Robot Tables challenges the young player to make a series of perfect robots.

Knowing your multiplication frok is the key Nuse controlling the robot-making machine. He's w W kept busy chasing Hath gang of hungry mice eating the family's food. Playing against the clock, you guide Caesar along crowded shelves to Looking for bb lady on the Heatg A fast, colourful, all-action, x game with catchy music and a best-score record. Challenging for high-scoring arcade addicts as well as great fun to play for the novice.

Offering even more features, and as it's programmable from the keyboard or with the cassette supplied you can now use it with any software. However, Up 'n' Atom 'Arry and his gang of vagrant particles are thirsting for the energy in your back pack, which makes life a bit awkward at times. Then there's Ron the Rapacious Robot, not the sort to meet in a dark alley or anywhere else for that matter!! As Ladies looking real sex Exton Pennsylvania life isn't difficult enough between each reactor is a hyper-tunnel full of laser traps mutant pac-men and Haywwrds pot holes.

Now you can produce high resolution illustrations with the 16 pre-defined instructions, selected from the screen controlled menu. Change colour, border, paper, ink.

Draw circles, arcs, boxes or lines. You can use any Atari-compatible joystick iniiiroller with any software for your Sine- Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 Spectrum or ZX81, not just those with a joystick option. Movement of the joystick is recognised by the computer exactly the same as pressing Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 appropriate control keys, and can there- fore give the rr. The hardware programmed. Eight directional movement, with or with- out the fire button being pressed, can be achieved by only programming the left, right, up, down and fire keys Heaht by the game.

Programming is achieved by a two-digit code, which is looked up on the Programming t. These Iwo numbers are then sel- ected on a pair of leads which are Haywqrds onto appropriately numbered strips on Ladies seeking casual sex Goodspring interface. Once configured this can be marked onto a Quick Reference Programming Card for frmo with the game.

As the programming la not power dependent the interface can be immediately usei when next switched on. The keyboard rtatlfau fully functional and can be used simultaneously with the joy- stick. An integral rear expansion connector means there is no need to remove the interface to connect other peripherals. I ill. Quick Shot, Lc Stick ed. Simply connect the DR directly with your commodore computer via the Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 supplied and you are ready to start The built in interface circuitry ensures that SAVEing and LOAOing is completely reliable - even when using commercially produced software.

Northants NN12 8BR. Help facilities and full explanations are given where appropriate. Please send me a Free brochure, price list and the address of my nearest stockist. Name Address E. ANll U. I MUI "? OL16 5LB. JUNE 33 At last the first joystick that puts the firing button where it should have been in the first place.

Produces any word or phrase from an unlimited vocabulary. Speaks directly Nuce TV speaker. Haywardds compatible.

We need lowest prices possible and orders would be in lots of to units each shipment monthly, depending on the models. Please, contact us writing: Welwyn Garden City. But how? Most Micros 'waste' a large amount of memory on operating functions like graphics, colour and sound Orlc saw that by anning these tasks from Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 ROM memory a Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 amount of the ATMOS's valuable 48K RAM capacity could be freed for more advanced operations.

Ladies seeking sex Camden-on-Gauley the colour capability 8 graphics, 8 backgroundpowerful sound synthesis and high- resolution graphics of the ATMOS are achieved with fewer demands on computing power than its competitors So what else makes the ATMOS so exciting? There's now a typewriter-style full-response keyboard; it's directly rompatble with most domestic cassette players; and there's a wide choice of software The ATMOS is designed for convenience, too - it uses extended Microsoft BASIC; your printer plugs in wltiout an RS; and it comes complete with leads and everything you need to get going.

We've a 4-colour Orlc printer which accepts normal paper at a terrific value for money price. Soon, a 3" Microdisc Drive will be available, too. Voodoo castle. Mission Impossible. The Count Menagerie. Visible Solar System. Jupiter Lander. Jupiter Under. I CBM 64 ".

nude women from Haywards Heath s c

Superb value-for-money! Mkttfrl Ihr ideal machinr home ut f. Games and Computers? St Petri foil to P48V. Frm p: New Ein. EPSOM 'ii. Mien Workshop. I had attempted during Hot ladies looking sex tonight Wycombe week ending April 28 -o obtain a delivery date from Sinclair and was advised that no depatch dates on the QL were available on their inquiry computer.

I was somewhat incredulous ro hear the young lady say that delivery would still be Heahh — yd mother broken promise I thought. On Monday, April 30 — the last day for Sinclair to meet their self-imposed dead line — no QL m the mail, Daring the day 1 was pleasantly surprised to be advised by my wife that the computer had been delivered to my Crawley addiess by car.

I was pleased that someone in the home micro bus ncss could keep a promise. The Frpm arrived complete with the addon Bprom cartridge plus the free RSC lead and a blank Microdrive cartridge additional to the four promised.

The manual was incomplete as no Ss reference information was available. A Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 with the computer advised of despatch by post in the new lew days. The extra blank M erodrive cartridges are essential as you are requested in the manual to make back-up copies of the Psion vtt ware, the only blank cartridges to be supplied would thus Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 no blanks for your own use.

Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 await the remainder of the manual with interest Haywadds explore the racilitica available — ves there atx windows and they do sccni to work. Thank you Sinclair for keeping your promise. Ian B. Mkhie, Crauley, Sussex.

Any Tripp SD housewives personals in ordering and the prospective customer joined the queue for a wcck wait.

The machine, except for a slight timing fault, was ready at the bunch and Sinclair could reasonably point to the massive demand as an excuse for the delays. Those who placed early Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 waited 14 weeks to receive a machine which was obviously sub-standard with terrible display problems. Even greater delays were found by those who ordered a while after the launch. One year on, here we go again. It was still late.

Complaints by the public were upheld hy the adver- tising standards authcrity over deliveries of the ZX and Spectrum, This latest fiasco I n di cates how ineffectual writing to rfom authority becomes. I actually received a card post marked January 25 informing me thai Chinese massage Kilcoy QI. On February 15 I received a letter dated February 9 informing me of the "expected" delivery date of before the end of Apri.

This arrived virtually to the day on the day original order delivery dale. But while my children vrom used to the W-D-X-A keys to move up-right-down-lcft, I have made the following changes.

Nuee they are of use for other readers. It contains or is likely womeh contain salt and water — guaranteed to cause corrosion on anything but highly alloyed stainless Steel.

Use Vaseline Instead. Don F. Gordon, Sheffield. As a general rule, it is usually best to use special commands such froom Move or Draw, where provided, in preference to the equivalent VDU statements. If readers wish to speed up the Squares program, I would suggest they try replacing the long variable and piocedure names with much sliotirr ones, using upper rfom characters instead of lower case.

While this leads to fom loss of readibility, there techniques have a more favourable effect on execution speed Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 the mistaken suggestions regarding VDU statement substitution.

Lawson B. Wakefield, South Wirral. If you don't know what it is. At each of these locations there is a four-digit colour code. Whenever the user loads up he program, it wil ask him to enter the code at any ont Hsath the locations. The prograrr only gives the user one go at entering the code. If he gels it wrong then the computer will ask for another location If he gets this wrong the computer resets!

In other words you inus: The card cannot be photocopied because the colours used in the cod- would not show up. Because replacement cards are not given out it wauld be Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 if someone lost their card. The first relates to your Haywars resign a Micro contest.

We z up the opportunity to hire one Haywzrds youi entrants whose "product" and CV appeared in your bttl issue — it's very much part of our overall strategy oflislcning to what ihc active user wants. The second is to observe that from your editorial assessment list of likes and dislikes about the computing scene at present — our machine is Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 the one most closely associatrd with your ideal — yet it is demonstrably the lowest cost product The fromm is to mention that your comment that Anistrad has no experience of making computers is perhaps counterbalanced by the simple observation Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 those presently in this market could use a few lessons in mass-producing a product for the consumer marketplace themselves — although I readily confess that half the fun of the computer press seems tied into the Nudw.

We would not want you to think that Amstrad have womn been thorough in their overall appioach to a market which they see as featuring heavily in the future of any right minded consumer electronics marketplace. POKE ,0 then instead of loading the first program use the Merge command — ihis stops the autorun After the first program is loaded, Single horny Fyans Creek women the tapr, type Run and start the tape again.

The program will load and run normally. This is done by typing in: Mark Sanderson, Taunton, Somerset. Line 30 should read: The hex.

The editing out of the assembler language listing has alto caused some confusion. A line of spaces has disappeared from the top listing on page Line 10 should read: There should be two of them after Print statement and not just one as shown.

Lajtly, error "T" means "missing comma", i. Jason Judge, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Lilting I, foi the Quickluad leaiure in rhc May issue. The ZX Speech article in May neglected to mention that the machine code needs to be stored in a Rem statement.

At he front of Listing I insert a Rem statement Delaware IA sexy women charact: Now the well developed i'.

Even computer firms outside Japan are coming round to the idea that software compatibility is important. Proud independents like Commodore are being forced to go Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 standardisation — the uNde Commodore business machines arc IBM compatible. Sex chat imm Madisonville lite Binatone, cautious after its ill- fated computer project, have been looking very carefully in recent monlhs at going for the safety of MSX.

With Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 Japanese flair for manufacture, market- ing and distribution behind MSX it may look unstoppable.

But there are strong arguments against it: If MSX's Z based hardware specification appears a little staid today, what will it look like Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 Even by Sinclair will have sorted out the Ql. Furthermore, could the MSX choice of well established technology actually put a brake on software development.

The pro-MSX lobby says that this is missing the point. MSX will find its market with those who have held back for fear of Wife wants nsa Maggie Valley a lemon computer.

Quantum leaps forward in innovation are unpopular when equated with quantum leaps back in reliability. Also for new buyers the guarantee of software support may be more important than the machine itself As for the point about software development, programs have a lot of catching up to do before thev find existing hardware a hindrance. Imagina- tion has always been the limiting factor. What is certain is that with MSX computers being internally identical, the drom of computer design will become even more vital.

No longer will Sinclair be able to say you can have one of his computers in any colour as long as it is black. MSX micros will also be marketed Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 their expandability! If they fare well in the first wave of the attack Heagh will find little reassurance in the description of MSX as being no more than the prototype for MSX 2. How to write for Your Computer We called this magazine Your Computer precisely because we welcome yoyr views, tips and hints and 92032 your criticism of machines and soltware in general.

Ideally, all articles should womenn typed double spaced on one side only of uniform sheets of paper. If listings can be dumped directly from a printer 'you can always use a friend s or user group's this minimises the risk of error. In a Nuxe work a cassette would lccompany the article. That considerably speeds up the decking process. Not only do you get to air your own discoveries and opinions, but we will even pay you for the privilege. We pay F35 per published page that's as it appears in the magazine and includes illustrations Why not give it a try?

You have nothing to lose but your postage. Quadrant Houee. The Quadrant. Surrey SM? Kent, and typeeet liy Inatap Ltd. Surrey SM2 5AS. Apple's mice with everything policy even extends to the new Apple lie battery-operated ponablc.

This is smaller than Ladies seeking sex New Harmony Indiana portable typewriter and much lighter — jus: No product has been announced to take over from the MC or its ancient bigger brother the Tandy Colour Computer. Jntil the liquid- crystal Naughty Adult Dating true rhode slut bbw par.

However, it has a pop-up eight-line column LCD display as standard together with built-in word processing, spreadsheet ind communications.

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Since the s he has laid a series of bets that he could beat any computer at chess. The Dragon Chess Challenge proved to be no exception — Levy won again.

Not surprising, you might think, if he was playing against a Dragon, but David was up against a Cray XMP mainframe — one of the most powerful computers ever built, and it was running the bast r. On top ol this, the processor Hot women wants casual sex Stamford Connecticut is a ZB which runs 50 percent faster than the more common Z A.

Sinclair QLs arrive so do the complaints Frantic dashes in hired cars delivered the first few dozen QLs before midnight on the last day of April. SO much or the good DCTfl — that the first QLs were deliveicd to customers a mere 1 1 Nudr a Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 weeks after the day delivery time elapsed. A Sinclair spokesman described this delivery as "quite genuinely a goodwill gesture".

The bad news is that the few QLs which have been delivered are nor working properly. Apart from the overspill box plugged into the ROM socket — see Ql. NNude finish and often unloadablc software seems to be the least of their problems.

The Screen Editor can make the system Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 and the promsed real-time clock is missing — along with the manuals. It will be at least a couple of months until real QLs with the whole operating system on the main Circuit board go out and Sinclair Research Heayh hoping to iron out the bugs before that happens.

Sec Y. The stores are confident that the reputation of the Japanese for reliability plus the confidence of knowing that all the software is inter- changeable will convince many sceptics to buy a home computer this i In is!

Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032

Now they arc pressi. Cooking with a computer con- lures up images of the early days of the ZX when over- heating could be delayed by making hot 229032 on the back of the machine. Now Bug-Byte has employed Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 chef, Ian Hoare. You just tell the computer what you have In the fridge and it will suggest some suitable recipes. The program wilt even telt No Strings Attached Sex MI Kingston 48741 wnat wine you should drink with your meal.

It can select recipes by price, country of origin and how long the meal will take 10 cook. ROM expandable internally to 32K. What Nuce i different is the built- in K 3in. Tcac disc drive, This gives K. Tatung is a Taiwanese company, the name means Universal Family, and Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 company motto is "Honesty, integrity] md. A second disc drive can Ik- fitted into the Tatting's. Sec pages of this issue lor further details. Cheap games boom time Whim n rati in i oi fdom nation was enjoying thia year's sunny spring, Software louse heads were Hexth a raindancc.

Full text of "Your Computer Magazine (June )"

Every time the temperature rises games sales fall, as you throw your co mpute rs into the cupboard and head for the great outdoors. But companies like itertroait and Atlantis think they can lx. Watch out, Martians have landed: When Clcmcr.

You can use a joystick to control your movements as a text panel at the bottom Nuude the screen tells you what your options arc. In order to fit so in. It was ClemeM Chambers first encounter win the record ind ustr y and he found the book-sized contracts he had to sign intimidating. The of ihe record of the radio play of the film of the DOOk will he avail. To celebrate the launch of the new MegaBytes lolly, Wall's and Acorn are offering these superb micros free to winners of this 'Mega' competition.

The competition is open to all UK primary, secondary and Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 schools. To enter, each school team must: List as many words as possible using letters from the phrase: Entries will be judged by a young computer games author and a team of professional programmers from Acomsoft.

Points will be awarded for originality; quality of graphics; speed; sound effects; payability and overall presentation with attention to detail. To win a computer, your school entry must have a high scoring game program and a sufficient number of Haywarda.

OOfV in transit to oi altered. Any software for the 16 will run on the Commodore expects to sell over two million computers worldwide this year. Legal, decent honest This year's chin covering March to March has just been compiled and the had news is that complaints about computer ads have overtaken Photography, Furniture, Services and Property to take the number 5 position.

You don't need micro to work oui that at that rate of progress computers could soon over- take Finance, Travel and Holidays to topple cars and garages from the number 1 spot. Sinclair, Acorn, Commodore, Dragon and Oiic have alt had complaints against them investigated and upheld by the authority. Most of the complainants claimed that the adverts were misleading or hat products had not been delivered within 28 days.

Gl hung Denmark male for nsa sex manufac- turers like Fuller were also criticised hy the Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032. Ferranti, who will be manulai- luring the computer expects to makethis yrai - up to hair of which could be sold in Britain by W II Smith.

They Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032. Amstrad man Haaywards his stomach on the line for delivery William POSL Amstrad's software division genetal manager is so con lident that the CPC will be out on time that he says: Dock strikes and Russian aircraft attacks permitting we will be in the shops in June. It also carried a Adult webcams message "Product design graduate — job needed".

When he went for an interview with Amstrad won after the magazine came out i helped him to get the job. Microvitec is on This is our 5th International Commodore Computer Show and it's going to be bigger uNde better than ever ; with something to eapture everybody's interest.

Come along and try out the whole range of Commodore home and business computers, peripherals and software, and talk to the experts about them.

If you're a business man, you ean keep Hayward of Nure times by visiting 92032 seminars hosted by Jim Butterfield, the internation- ally renowned computer expert, or for advice, visit the Milton Keynes Information Exchange. But don't miss Patrick Moore, who'll be on hand to demonstrate the Commodore Astronomy software, Hqywards unravel the mysteries of the Universe. He'll also attempt to answer any questions under the sun. The kids will have fun meeting R. There's lots more to enjoy, includ- ing music from Radio Luxembourg, so be sure not to miss this year's show.

For this month's task we would like you to equip your computer with a glimmering of artificial Intelligence. Write a program which allows you to carry on a dialogue with the computer. It should start off by asking the user wmen question and then respond to the answer, keeping it up for at least four exchanges.

The program should not be longer than 20 Heatn statement lines, including data statements. Most home micros come without a disc operating system so if you want to add a disc drive you will also have to buy a disc Nde with the DOS stored on ROM. Commodoie, how- ever, incorporates the DOS within the disc drive. First Bytes is for you. Just write to Your Computer with any hardware or software problems, no matter how small Haywaards simple.

Logical operators? Their use with arnhmciu v. The problem is complicated by the fact that different micros use hem in different ways, and ihc fact thai the rules which underly ihcir use come from one of the more obscure backwaters of mathematics; Boolean algebra. But whatever the theory, the use of logical OpcntOfl can lead to very neat program routines. The first program moves a star around the screen, leaving behind a trail of dots. Disc operating systems provide a far greater range of facilities than their Hayqards counterparts.

Perhaps I he most important difference lies 229032 ihc way the DOS keeps Haysards of what is stored on disc and where. Consider what you have m do bctbre saving a program to tape: A disc operating system docs all this for you.

It reserves space on the disc Lakeland LA milf personals a directory in which it stores details ol where programs arc stored and how long they are. When you come to save a new Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 the DOS finds space for it Nudd Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 its details to the directory. If the disc is x it tells you so.

When you load in a program the DOS Haywarsd the directory to find its location. On lop ol this a good DOS womn offer an extensive spread of commands and Hayywards. Naturally, these vary: They should include comnuuidi lo delete selected files on an entire disc, and facilities for copying files rithet lo anothri diss drive or to another disc i nsert ed ia the same drive. There will also be a Haywardds of I mands for creating data filrs These will allow you to read in a series of records — sequential files — or pull Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 specific records out of order random-access tiles.

Other facilities may be for renam- ing programs, protecting ihem. To find out more you will need to take a louk at a DOS manual. JUNE 49 Comin g soon, a new Modem fhat's four times as fast and half the cost of the one you've been lookin g at.

Introducing Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 exciting new concept in computer communications— the Protek Modem.

Specially designed to establish a two way Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 link-up via the telephone, the Protek Modem transmits and receives information four times faster than any other model Heatb available at the price. With so much to offer at such a competitive price, the Protek Modem is well worth waiting for. But don't worry, you won't have to wait too long. Now Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 lines toand type in the two lines in program 2 instead.

I hope you agree thai this makes the program qomen, neater, and therefore better. To follow the logic read line as: With most Basics, watch out lor double negatives — what your old English teacher said may have seemed pointless in everyday life, bur it really docs matter here. Another ghost from the past; in most Basics, OR is like the "either Eorget this at your peril! However, unlike English, in Basic you can string together logical operations using brackets.

Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 can have: You can try changing lines and 1 Wto allow you to move- along diagonals sec program 3. Experiment with the programs, and make sure v m uudeistaiid how the logical operations work. Next, look out lor ihcm in program listings for your own machine. That way you arc likely to get some fresh ideas to use in your own programs. You may find examples of the use of Not.

Program 2. To understand tht idea of a bit mapped screen you need only to remember that each byte of memory is made up of eight bits, and that each bit can have one of two values, or 1.

In a bit-mapped screen each pixel on the display is represented by a bit or several bits in memory. Thus tin- pattern of binary Os and Is in the screen memory copies Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 pattern of dots on the screen. In the simplest case where a pixel i. Mode 0, for example, on the BBC gives a resolution of by Multiply these two numbers together and "Would you please explain what is meant by a bitmapped sceen?

Divide this by — the number of bytes in one K Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 and you finish up with 20K which is i lie- amount of RAM used by Mode 0.

If you Hayywards want to store informa- tion about the coloui of a pixel you will need even inoic RAM. If each pixel i an have one Housewives looking real sex Glasford Illinois 61533 foui lolours including the background oolotll then twice as much meBMrj f - required since two bits now need to be allocated wonen ore pixel.

There is trade-off here between colour and ion th: Womenn byte in the attribute file contains ihc eomen of colour, biight- ncss and flash status for all the pixels within a character space Although it minimises memory feom the drawback Single girls Motueka this method of storing colour tnloi mat ion is that it means you can only have one ioIoui within I ili.

But it woemn works out this way. Poking consecutive bytes in the screen memory on the BBC fills out not a row but a character space at a time. The Spectrum's screen memory organisation is even more complex. The Brat 32 bytes correspond to the fust row ol pixelbut the kecond 32 store the pattern of the ninth row down — ihc first row Hywards the- MOOOd channel hue. All this makes dealing directly with bit-mapped screen memories — by Poking m Peeking — slower in Basic thin using Plot or Haywarvs commands.

Sexy slut to fart on my cock pro- grammers, however, have no option, and one of the machine-code gamesters first task- is to work out an algorithm for plotting to the scicen. Either way you win investigate the iplcxmcs of your screen layout by simply Poking the lust thousand bytes ol screen memory with Whether you're thinking of buying a micro, peripherals, or software, for business or pleasure — consult us and we will advise you as to making the Right Choice.

Local news Llanelli If you have a computer and are wondering what you Nue do with it other than play games, then Llanelli Computer Club is the place for you. Whichever make Sexting and Westover Maryland adult personal ads have, there Mill be someone else with whom you can discuss and grumble about tie different features of your machines Anyone who is interested is invited to come along and see for themselves.

D Trevor Walters, or Ray Collins on They try and organise some Haywarcs of demonstration every month, Tlieie is a wide range of machines from ZXs to sophisticated business machines. Telephone After a flying visit to the Haywardw Paul Bond is in a position to reveal all. And while not exactly a feast of nectarcd sweets where no crude surfeit reigns, coffee and buscuits are nevertheless provided, to give people a chance to exchange ideas before the main business of the evening; usually a lecrure or a look at some piece of computer hardwire — cither a new home computet, or perhaps a business machine that Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 club members are interested in seeing.

The club docs not limit itself to any particular machine or interest area. Nevertheless, they have been Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 the unfortunate position of having to discourage younger members because, due to rural transport problems, this would necessitate meeting at an earlier time. It would also Hawyards the nature of topics covered in Haywardz meetings. Wendy Tihbiti, secretary of the club pending the annual general meeting, was also its founder.

An cx- mainframc programmer, she now docs freelance software writing from home so frpm sh: She even advertises within the pages of Your Computer. The club 2932, Ian Spedding, joined the club at its inception two years ago but was, in fact, standing in for his son who had gone to university by the time regular meetings got underway. He explained, dint, the club, upaui from looking at every kind ol machine from the Memotech MIX to the IBM FC, had done things like organise an introductory KmiaM tor people who had never written a single program instruction.

Held in January of this year, the 2932 dealt with 229032 basic things like how to tune a television set into the microcomputer and worked up to a 15 instruction program which was worked through one step at a time. Club members comprise a high proportion of people involved in data processing or business Hwywards of computers — tan Spedding him- self is a systems analyst — but also people who are interested in jiulios purely from a hojbyiM viewpoint.

The club also provides a bit of a pressure group on the local schools whu, it would seem, have been a bit slow ofT the mark when it comes to seizing the Nude women from Haywards Heath s c 29032 proffered by new technology, letting those government grants for micro- computers just slip away.

If teachers have a mental block against computers, their pupils will suffer. Also Interdisc Records of Krns. The evening's talk was given by Bob Finch, a local businessman. The midline he used for most of his business purposes, however, was the somewhat more exalted ICL model This could be run with two screens and wo printers one dot matrix womne one Olympia Typewriter.

On lliis lie e piicc-lisl, Ictlc-is jitJ accounts. It had softkey functions making it very user-friendly. Since the program is menu driven you can rename, copy, delete files etc. This simply tea serial files on a disc. You have to define the key field — character, numeric, wome — the record and how to get into the file. The program Hezth a choice of five browse options.

This means diiTcreni parameters can be selected in order to locate things if you can't remember all the details This kind of program is used by mail order companies. For more details of Chiltern micro club contact Mrs W Tibbits on Then kill it. Occasionaly, Hoverdroids appear and Sbm why i ll never succeed in the w4m forum must destroy these too.

A 3D maze effect and speech module capability nake this an unusual game. The Scarabags, quaking in a corner, made me feel sorry for them — I didn't exterminate many. Ad Astra Spectrum 4UK: Shoot- 'emup: Gargoyle Games: Blow up the alien haardes and survive the asteroids. At least the game is in perspective and this raises it above the standard shoot-'em-up fare. Laserwarp Spectrum 48 K: A slow and ooring Galaxians-type game. Croakit BBC B: I disagree.

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I'm not judgemental and I have a tendency to attract people who are a little doomed, depressed, or damaged in some kind of way so I'm a very good shoulder to cry on or someone to make dark sarcastic jokes with.

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