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Trump pushing for GOP donor to get wall contract.

Congressman seems to faint mid-press conference. Trump faked a disability to avoid Vietnam. How this cabinet member remains in Trump's good graces.

Trump orders intelligence agencies to assist Barr. Trump met with congressional leadership from both sides of the aisle Wednesday amid an on-going partial government shutdown.

The President and Democrats are at odds over funding for a border wall. The House is expected to hold a series of votes to open the government just hours after Democrats take control on Thursday, D looking for m Democratic aide confirmed to CNN, but Trump is unlikely to sign anything they approve at this stage.

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Nancy Pelosi, the presumed new House speaker, referring to a bipartisan, Senate-passed D looking for m measure, albeit one Trump has never publicly endorsed.

Pelosi's daughter: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he asked Trump why the government couldn't be reopened while the two sides work to resolve their differences.

He could not give a D looking for m answer," Schumer said. After Democrats explained their plan loooking pass measures funding the government -- including the Department of Homeland Security -- at least temporarily as negotiations continued, Schumer repeatedly asked Trump why he opposed that approach, the person familiar with the exchange said.

Eventually Schumer asked a third time for one reason Trump wouldn't accept the offer, and Trump responded: As part of the meeting, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sought to portray the situation at the southern border as a "crisis," two D looking for m administration officials said. We are in foe crisis situation,'" one of the officials said, relaying Nielsen's remarks, which were aimed at the Democratic leaders in attendance.

There were no raised voices during the meeting, but it was very clear that neither side was moving, the source added. After the meeting, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle publicly said there is no breakthrough. Trump invited lawmakers to return to the White House on Friday, after their leadership races, to lookingg discussing a path to reopening D looking for m government, according to incoming House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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Trump invites congressional leaders to White House. It's so insignificant compared to what we're talking about.

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Asked about that proposal Wednesday, Trump said: No, look, this is national security we're talking about Indeed, d. Both companies D looking for m on the development of mobile money payment systems in Africa and both have used debt to bring their products to market.

According to Tozun, d. At their core, both systems operate in the same way. M-KOPA and d.

D looking for m

By not using a single sim card interface, Tozun said that the company could expand to parts of Asia and Africa that D looking for m not as consolidated as markets in Kenya and Nigeria.

Even the basic market for replacing kerosene lamps is huge.

Roughly 2 billion people burn kerosene in lamps for light. The issue, said Tozun, is the flood of cheap products that have soured consumers on solar goods.

Without quality controls, countries with large solar manufacturing capacity and lax product safety oooking have flooded Africa with low cost, low quality products. That makes it tough for a company to compete with a premium product.