Monday, May 4, 2015

The Hobby Pledge = May 4, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 84 
Sold: 120
Painted: 45

Running Total:
Purchased: 351
Sold: 375
Painted: 202

A month between update is a long time, but life has kept me busy. Not so busy I didn't find time to paint, though!

More Malifaux this month. I'm really enjoying this game. Truth be told, it's very convenient and easy for me to play it weekly, but it's also a very good game. I suspect if I didn't much like the game I'd still play it just due to convenience, I'd rather play a game I can actually play than daydream playing a game no one else wants to play.

Speaking of games, I picked up and decided to sell Dropzone Commander in a month. That's a new record for me. It doesn't seem like a bad game at all, I just have too many games and I want to focus on the games I'm going to be playing in the immediate future. Namely, Malifaux, Saga, Bolt Action, and By Fire and Sword. Plus random Reaper minis for a game I'm still forever working on.

I've started Resurrectionists for Malifaux. I really enjoy them, plus too many people were playing Arcanists and few were playing Ressers in the group I'm in. I'm close, another week or two, from having everything available in plastic painted.

I wish I got a better picture, but so far Seamus is my favorite Master with the Ressers. He's pretty tough and has some fun tricks.

I now have 3 Sabretooth Cerberus, because I'm that guy.

Finally, some more Reaper Bones figures. I'll always want to make some progress on that huge lot of figures. I really like how these guys came out, too.

Later this week I'll be posting picture of terrain I've been working on.

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