Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - February 24, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 6
Sold: 72
Painted: 18

Running Total:
Purchased: 79
Sold: 223
Painted: 110

More Malifaux this week, as well as a few Reaper Bones figures I meant to get to long ago.

First up are 3 Silurids. Marcus can take them, and I really dug the models. I think they came out better than the pictures (I really need to take photography more seriously) but I'm happy with them. Did water / swampy bases for them to make them a little different.

I painted up a second Razorspine Rattler (on the right). Fun model. They worked well as a pair when I played last night (first real game of Malifaux, too). The one on the left I painted a few months ago when I painted the Marcus box.

Willie is rad. I really dig that model and am happy with how he came out.

The Hoarcat Pride is fun. Apparently the 3 are supposed to be on one base, box came with three bases however. I'll redo them at some point in the future.

3 more Steam Arachnids, 1 Steam Arachnid swarm, and 3 scrap markers. I have 6 more scrap markers I need to finish up, and then some Scheme Markers.

The Electric Creation is really fun. I might pick up a second since it looks like Ramos can make them. Not sure if it's necessary, though, but I'm thinking on it.

The Essence of Power isn't a great model. I really didn't care for it, and the paint job shows. I'm not sure if his rules are even decent, I doubt he'll see much play.

The Rail Golem is rad. Really fun model to paint and I'm happy with how he came out.

I painted these three Fire Elementals to use them as Warp Flame Somethings so my Daemons could have a generic unit to summon and they could be whatever I needed in a given game. Never actually did this, but I finished them up. Fun models.

Sold this week is my painted Tau army. You guys will be missed. They helped me go 5-3 and win my bracket at NOVA a few years ago, before they got Riptides in the new book. RIP.

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