Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - January 20, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 0
Sold: 3
Painted: 14

Running Total:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 3
Painted: 30

This is a day late. Yesterday was MLK Day and I spent it away from the computer.

This week was fairly productive. 14 models painted in total. I also sold The Trolls from The Hobbit, I had painted them for Adepticon last year.

This week I painted 8 more figures from the Salvage Crew Kickstarter, mostly robots. I also painted the Rasputina Starter for Malifaux.

I had a fun time painting the Rasputina set. I like the figures, and I think they came out nicely to a solid tabletop standard. Not going to win any awards (I don't paint that well, nor am I patient enough) but I like the way they look. I especially like how doing a coat of gloss and water on top of the Dulcote makes the icy monsters look more slick and real.

Here are more robots for the League of Soviet Robots. I like these models, they have lots of personality. They're a little odd, which I dig, and I'm just happy with how they're coming out.

This upcoming week I'm going to try to finish painting the last 9 models I have from that Kickstarter. After that I may try to do 12 models for a point of Crossbow Levies for the Moors in Saga. It's a little ambitious, but doable.

Finally, here are the painted models I sold this week. I hope they found a happy new home.

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