Monday, January 12, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - January 12, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 0
Painted: 4

Running Total:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 0
Painted: 16

This week was weirdly productive, but I don't have a ton to show.

I'm about half finished with the Rasputina starter for Malifaux, so that'll have to be for next week.

This week I did purchase a Warlord SU-76 for Bolt Action. I even got it painted. Additionally I painted up 3 Molemen for Malifaux. Not a bad week, but next week should be a lot better.


This model painted up fairly fast. I don't paint my Bolt Action tanks to be great, but I think they look pretty good. Look a little messy, with oil smears and grime everywhere. I like them, at least.

I'm still not too impressed with Warlord's resin. It's okay, but one or two pieces didn't make it to the model because of some things. It's a Soviet tank, though, so I'm okay with it being beat up a little bit.

I'm excited to use this in a tournament on Thursday. I think it's one of the best tanks in the game (it's cheap! versatile! and cool!)

Additionally I painted the plastic box set of Molemen for Malifaux. I don't know if they're good or not in the game, but I like the models.

They're not bad models, but not as good as they should be for $7 a model MSRP. I like them, but there are a few things that annoy me.

First, a model should fit on the base. The guy in the center really doesn't, he'd have to be sitting on the lip of those dumb Warmachine styled based. Some cork made it better, but I don't love it. The guy on the far right shouldn't look silly with one arm hanging over the edge. The figure feels out of balance. Not huge issues, but for $7 plastic figures I expect better. I still like them, love the concept, and am happy with them.

My paint job was intentionally messy. I still don't love it, but I think they look pretty good. They look good enough from two feet away, and maybe even good enough from 18 inches away.

Next week should be a more productive week, I'd imagine at least 10 models, but we'll see. I'm aiming for 500 painted models this year, with 200 coming from my existing pile of army mans.

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