Monday, December 1, 2014

Rubicon M4A3 Sherman Review and Comparisons with Warlord Games M4 Sherman

I've been playing a lot of Bolt Action lately. I really like the game.

I'm not all that thrilled with Tank War, but that lack of excitement hasn't stopped me from buying and painting lots of 1/56 scale tanks.

One such tank is the Rubicon M4A3 that came out recently. I really liked this kit.

This kit went together really well. It includes options for a 75mm canon, 105mm canon, or a 76mm anti tank canon. The 75mm and 105mm canons share the same turret, with the 76mm canon being on its own turret.

One area that disappointed me is that there are almost enough pieces, I think they only need 2 more bits, to make both turrets. That with some magnets would allow you to field any of the 3 canons and switch out whenever you'd like.

Had they done this and I think this would be the go-to tank.

Without it, I'm happy to have bought Warlord Games' M4 Sherman. That's also a nice kit.

The Rubicon model was harder to put together, or at least took a longer time. The details on it are a little sharper than the Warlord model, and the track assembly avoids any seams.

3 Warlord Shermans with a Rubicon Sherman (3rd from left). All are plastic.

As you can see they scale up well with each other. Because of this I think the way I went worked out best: Warlord for the M4 with 75mm, and Rubicon for anything else. The big advantage to this is that the Warlord Sherman is a few dollars cheaper MSRP, and is easy to get for even cheaper with box sets or through online retailers. Of course you should instead shop at your local FLGS, such as Huzzah Hobbies here in Northern, VA.

Rubicon on left, Warlord on right.

I'm not good at rivet counting and the like. I assume any difference between the two tanks is due to the M4 and M4A3 being slightly different. At the end of the day, however, they scale up very well with each other.

One thing I liked about the Rubicon model was that the 50cal clipped off the sprue easily, the Sherman 50cals were tricky and I accidentally broke when. When clipping those off they bend and put pressure on the barrels, which causes problems.

Overall they're both nice kits. They scale well to each other. You really can't go wrong with either one.
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