Friday, December 20, 2013

Deadzone Terrain Painting Guide

I got my Deadzone box last week. Say what you want about Mantic but they manage to get Kickstarters shipped on time. I won't give a long review, but I'm happy with the figures and the terrain. I'll always prefer hard plastic or metal over "restic" or whatever people call their plastic / resin formulation, but the minis are still Good Enough. Good enough to get boosters and add-ons when they open up the survey for Wave 2, at least.

Anyway, the terrain is really nice. Even if Deadzone ends up being a bust (and I hope it isn't as it looks good) I can use it for Dredd or Infinity or whatever else.

A few quick thoughts and tips about assembling the terrain. When assembling I only assembled straight wall pieces. After priming I assembled the rest of the buildings.

The biggest tip I have is that I think there are mold lines in the holes for the pegs to go into. Cleaning those a little bit with a knife made assembly a lot easier. I'm not sure how this affects its ability to be taken apart or the like, but since I glued my pieces together I didn't care.

Also, keep in mind that the set doesn't quite come with enough "connector" pieces. There's enough to get the job done, but I have a few buildings (my 2x2 building especially) that would be a lot sturdier if I had extra connectors.

Painting Guide

Step 1: Prime the pieces, both sides, grey. I used Krylon's Grey Primer as it is dark enough, almost the same shade of un-primed pieces, and works as a great base.
Step 2: Assemble your buildings. Paint on liberally Tallarn Sand. This will be painted over, but gives the final result a lot of extra texture and makes it look a lot less boring than just flat grey.

Step 3: Do a "wet brush", not quite a dry-brush but not straight out of the pot, of a rough coat of Dawnstone over the top. As you'll see the brown undercoat still has an effect and I think it gives the grey some richness that straight grey wouldn't have.

Step 4: Pick out a detail or plate to paint with a vibrant color. I chose yellow, GW's Averland Sunset. I tried doing different colors for different buildings but I don't think it worked, adding some reds to other buildings gave the pieces the look and feel of a fast food restaurant.

 Step 5: Get some sponge and dab on black. Dab this on some paper towel to make it mostly dry. Then dab it on the pieces at different angles. I got this idea from the White's Wolves blog in their terrain painting guide for Deadzone. I'll likely also use this bit when I paint my Enforcers.

Step 6: For even more weathering, I did the bottoms of the buildings to look a little muddy and dirty. To do this I brushed on GW's brown texture, Stirland Mud, and then brushing on Steel Legion Drab on top.

Step 7: I used GW's Nuln Oil (black wash) on some bits. Namely the girders for the building frames and the big "fan" looking bits on other panels.

Step 8: I then applied some of my secret blood wash (a pot of different inks, washes, and glazes that I keep adding to) on some parts. I then used the sponge to dab on some so it gives a splatter effect. I imagine GW's new blood wash would work well on this.

And here's a finished panel:

I'm actually quite happy with how it all turned out. I painted 24 sprues worth in about 4 hours, and I think the table looks solid and matches well with the mat that came with the Kickstarter.

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  1. Very nice! I got my kickstarter box and I'm super excited to get playing. I'm a huge Mantic fan and I can care less what the GW fanbois say.


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