Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kairos Fateweaver and a Converted Lord of Change

I'm making a lot of progress on my Daemons for NOVA. At this point I only have 30 Pink Horrors to finish up and 3 more Flamers. I really love the Daemon army because its play style is hyper aggressive and fast, but it's also easy to speed paint and very colorful. I like colorful armies, that's why I dug the Aspect Warrior Eldar army so much and my Space Marines are a Crusade force of bunch of different chapters.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of GW's Fateweaver model. He's a little leaner and weaker looking than the Lord of Change, but he should be. It was a fun model to paint and I'm very happy with how the feathers on his back go from purple to green. The pictures are a little dark, but I hope you get a good idea of what he looks like.

When I got the Reaper Bones Kickstarter I ended up short one model (the Frost Wyrm which I'm going to see if it could work as a Mawloc) but got two Jabberwocks instead. The Jabberwock looks really cool, but it's also the right size and general shape of a Lord of Change. After playing a bunch of games with a Great Unclean One I figured that the Lord of Change would likely be a better fit as the Great Unclean One never dies, but he also never gets anywhere.

After some green stuff for his loin cloth (diaper, more like), brass rode and green stuff'd staff, and some chains for jewelry I think he comes out a really nice looking Lord of Change.

Instead of spending whatever GW charges for a Lord of Change (I don't complain about costs) I got this guy done for not much at all.

There were a few issues with the model. The biggest is that he falls over. The Bones material is soft and has good detail, but for taller figures (or at least for this one) he wants to fall forward. I'm sure the extra bits I put on him didn't help much, but the only thing I could do to remedy it is to sculpt a stone for his front right leg to lean against. Without this he falls forward way too much and takes up the whole length of a large oval base.

The other problem is that some parts of the wings crack. The paint just shows a little bit of cracking and it's a little concerning.

After Dull Cote this guy becomes a little more rigid and is fine. I like the way he came out and I think he looks good. I'm especially happy with how the raised dots on his skin fade from bright red to purple to blue to turquoise to green. I think it looks really good.

Also, I thought I should take some size comparison photos between the two.
I don't have the GW Lord of Change model, but this looks close to how they look together. The Jabberwock is a little bigger, but I think he fits well within a reasonable size of what the Lord of Change should be. I think they work together just fine.

Next week I'll have 20 Flesh Hounds up, and maybe the Pink Horrors. The week after that will be NOVA Open Battle Reports and a review of the event itself.


  1. Looks good.

    Would washers under his base help with the tipping over?

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    I should have been more clear: it isn't that the base is tipping over, like Genestealers often do, but that the ankles bend and the model actually sinks forward so the pose becomes warped. I'm not sure if that's a problem with this model in general, some jewelry chain and brass rod does add weight, but I wouldn't be surprised if even without it that this would still be a problem.

  3. Ugh. Not sure there's a way to fix that without like, running brass rod up the center of his leg, which isn't an option at this point.


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