Monday, August 5, 2013

Daemon Prince for Chaos Daemons, or How Reaper Models Fit In


I'm finishing up my Chaos Daemon Army for the NOVA Open. More so, I've also been painting models that don't fit into what looks to be the list I'm taking to the NOVA Open, which is good as it'll give me some flexibility moving into the future.

While I'm only taking one Daemon Prince in my actual list, I ended up painting three of them. I wanted to see how some Reaper models fit in and I took some pictures to show the paint jobs and the scale as well.

First, the plastic GW Daemon Prince.

I like this kit pretty well. It's a little beefy and not without a ton of personality, although it's plastic and easy to convert, but it's a good kit. I painted it with whites and purples because I associate those colors with lots of things, and I figured they were good enough colors for him to be Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch.

Next I got an Eldritch Demon from Reaper (now in Bones and should be ridiculously cheap) to use as a Nurgle Daemon Prince. He's a little small, comparison photos with the plastic Daemon Prince are included as well, but if you were to mount him on some cork or something he'd fit in pretty well.

Last, I got the Reaper Vulture Demon Skalathrix. He's thin and a little short, but again I think he would do well if put on a bigger base. Very Tzeentch-like, too, and a good enough figure (especially for the cost).

Last, I picked up the Rauthuros figure from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter hoping to use him as a Blood Thirster. I think he fits in well, but again is a little shorter than I would like (although he is more than wide enough). For how much he cost ($10 which also got another Khorne looking Demon that would work perfectly as a Daemon Prince, he's almost the perfect size)  he really can't be beat, plus I think he looks good.

Next week I'll have my Fateweaver and converted Lord of Change (from the Reaper Bones Jabberwock figure) to show off.

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