Tuesday, October 30, 2012

President Obama is no Eugene Debs, but...

We at the Hammer Dialectic offices have been busy watching debates, reading polls, and otherwise keeping up to date with every small movement in this year's election. We're political junkies, and we are now able to offer an endorsement for this year's presidential election.

Listening to conservative talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin, would make you believe that President Obama was a fire breathing Marxist who was hell bent on paving the roads with the bones of the villainous bourgeoisie. Sadly, President Obama has fallen well short of being the Marxist god emperor who would usher in a paradise of worker solidarity. Instead, President Obama has been a middling, mediocre, and disappointing president.

The amount of issues that President Obama disappoints are numerous. Health care, trade, drone attacks, Guantanamo Bay, and a tremendous amount of issues are all things we can look at with sadness and anger. Where was the transformative president we all elected in 2008? Where was the hope and change?

The most important issue to us here at the Hammer Dialectic, and the issue we believe is most affecting on the world, is trade. Globalization and free trade has destroyed unions, polluted the world, brought about misery and pain to factories abroad, and destroyed the blue collar middle class in the United States. Free trade and a corrupt tax code have allowed the most massive redistribution of wealth from the working class to the owners of investment capital. This is an issue both President Obama and Mitt Romney agree on.

Through it all, though, there are differences. While Romney and Obama largely agree on trade, Romney would also go about dismantling the welfare state and exacerbating an already unbearable situation for many in the United States.

We supported Nader in 2000. We have spoken to many leftists, actual leftists, who won't support President Obama because they believe the increased horrors brought upon by a Romney Administration would finally awaken the American public to the evils of capitalism and usher in real change. We hear this, and said as much, in 2000 and 2004. This underestimates the right's ability to double down on every evil or wrong belief they push.

Think about it, when have you ever seen anyone on the right to ever admit something was wrong or to otherwise back down? The problem with the 2008 crash wasn't an excess of finance capital, but there wasn't enough capitalism. Or just look at the commentariat on the right and it's easy to see that no matter how wrong, stupid, or vapid that they do nothing but double down on each and every thing.

Sadly, the best we can hope for is an Obama second term that will exert some effort in protecting the American people from the excesses of capital. That's it.

In the end the choice is clear this election. President Obama is the best we can do, and we can not possibly understate how awful a Romney Administration would be.

Lastly, we are hopeful that the much anticipated and highly regarded endorsement from The Hammer Dialectic will put President Obama over the top. We have run the numbers and we believe that our endorsement will give President Obama a 294 to 244 victory over the villainous, craven, and lying Mitt Romney.

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