Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. While I still prefer May Day and believe that Labor Day was concocted to help channel worker resentment towards capital in ways that are less destructive towards the evils of capital, I can't but help appreciate it for its modern sentiment.

I find it hilarious, and sad, that Eric Cantor doesn't understand or respect labor. I find it strange that there is traction with the Mitt Romney argument about owning and running a business. Americans, at their core, value labor and respect work. They even know that business only succeeds when workers allow their labor value to be expropriated for profit.

We talk a lot about business and entrepreneurship, but what is most valued is labor. Mitt Romney has run businesses, and in many cases ran them into the ground so he could extract money for himself at the expense of lives, but I doubt he has ever actually worked.

Labor Day has become especially sad because it is increasingly become a day for managers, not laborers. Too many people work for hourly pay, are contractors, or are otherwise unable to celebrate the day and their labor. Labor Day is becoming a day for managers and others, while the actual workers remain at the job creating value for those that are able to take the day off. Of course the bourgeois class celebrates Labor Day when the labor of others creates their wealth.

If you're reading this I hope you take away one thing: there is a fundamental conflict between capital and labor. Capital is fully aware of this conflict and will always attack the power of labor to unionize and stand up for itself, and labor must never allow these attacks to go unanswered.

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