Friday, September 21, 2012

Chikara's King of Trios Thoughts and Gifs

This is going to be fairly short and concise. Well, as short and concise for ten hours of the best wrestling.

Going into King of Trios I was a little apprehensive. I really love a lot of Chikara, but some of Chikara has never done anything for me. Mix that with some nostalgia teams that I don't care about, and a few teams that I knew nothing about and I thought that Trios would be more about hanging out with my Wrestling Bros than the actual event.

I was wrong. First thing, I'm a bad wrestling fan. I've taken the "What have you done for me lately?" approach to wrestling. Seeing an old guy doesn't do anything for me, but if delivers it can be great. Secondly, judging a few trios teams based on what I found on YouTube wasn't fair. Last, despite Trios being the best wrestling event I have ever been to and Night 3 having the best match I have ever seen I can still confidently say that hanging out with the Wrestling Bros was still the best part of the weekend. You people are that awesome.
I could go on and on and on and just gush about how great everything was. Instead of doing that I'll just hit a few points that seem worth mentioning.

First, I was at the live show. Since then I've watched the MP4s (GIFS!) and ordered the DVDs. I still don't feel like I spent enough money for how great the show was. The taping, while obviously not as great as actually being there, is very good and definitely worth watching if you are a wrestling fan. Night 3 is the best wrestling show I have ever seen, but watching the first two nights (which are both great) really helps Night 3 become what it is.

Second, holy crap I like the Young Bucks. I hated those guys, but they were always entertaining in the ring and were great heels. They won me over as a fan.

Third, Dasher Hatfield is legit the nicest guy ever. Mr Touchdown is amazing. Seriously, everyone I met and talked to in the show was gracious and nice. The only exception was Ophidian and that dude shut me down in the most foul way possible.

Fourth, Too Cold Scorpio can still go, Tommy Dreamer was fun, and people were losing their minds over Tito Santana.

Fifth, Never before, never again will we see Sugar Dunkerton v Tatanka.
Sixth, Kaori Yoneyama is my new favorite wrestler. I could watch her and Tsubasa Kuragaki wrestle forever and I would never get tired or bored.

Seventh, Team JWP was awesome. The tag match with them and Manami Toyota is my favorite match ever. I've watched it three times since then and it's still amazing. That match just made me so happy. I wasn't a Joshi fan before, but in an attempt to be a wrestling fan I think I need to be since all the Joshi wrestlers there were just the best.
Eighth, the Sendai Girls team and JWP teams were ace. I'm not going to say the weekend would not have been as awesome without them, but the easily contributed the most of anyone else there.

Ninth, isn't it crazy we live in a world where a guy like Ultramantis Black can come out to black metal and be the face against some good looking young guys who are clean shaven? That's nuts!

Tenth, Wrestling Bros because YOLO. Seriously, I came with a lot of great friends and left with even more.

I could go on and on about so much. It was close to a perfect weekend and the wrestling, friends, and environment was just perfect. Also, if you weren't there you should definitely get the DVDs or buy the stream. Smart Mark Video has it and it's seriously the best wrestling show ever, even filmed. I've watched it twice since coming back and it's just as good as I remember.

Also, since people don't come here for my rambling thoughts (Brandon Stroud will have a write up on Monday at With Leather that will definitely be worth reading) here are the gifs I've made. There's over 75 between all 3 nights.

Night 1
Night 2
Night 3

If I missed anything let me know on Twitter or wherever kids talk to one another on the internet. ICQ?

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