Monday, April 9, 2012

Vampire Counts - Beginnings

After the stunning failure of my Tomb Kings, an army I'm likely to play some over the next few months but will bitterly complain about after every game, I've decided to start a new army for Fantasy.  I was tempted to do Warriors of Chaos, as I have about half of that army painted, but I decided to go with Vampire Counts as their book is new (meaning I'll get at least 5 years with them before needing to implement changes) and that Warriors of Chaos were rumored to come out later this year.

I've always wanted to do a Vampire Counts army and I'm really excited to get around to doing one.  I've accumulated over 100 GW Zombies over the last few years, I somehow always get some at swap meets, and since they're good in the book, or at least good enough, I'm excited to paint them up and to use them.
I painted these ten guys in about two hours.  They're definitely "table top quality" and I'm thinking of spending more time on the remaining Zombies I want to paint.  I was tempted to use the Mantic Zombies (their undead is their only line that isn't awful) but I still like the GW Zombies enough and already own a ton of them.
I'll also be taking a big block of 40 Ghouls.  I really like the GW Ghouls and really appreciate how the Mantic Ghouls are different.  The GW Ghouls look more like monsters whereas the Mantic Ghouls look more like feral people who are cannibals.  Both are valid and I'm glad Mantic decided to give Ghouls their own spin.
I painted these ten guys up in about two hours.  I think they look pretty good and vicious.  A unit of 40 will look really mean and bloody.
I'm actually really excited to crank these guys out.  Ghouls are, strangely enough, easier to speed paint than Tomb Kings and once my Zombies are all painted I'll be buying the next set of 30 and will likely just grind through them in an evening or two.
I picked up this Reaper figure and painted him up to be a unit filler for the Ghouls.  He looks different enough from the big Ghouls that GW sells that I think it works.  He'll likely be my Ghoul King and will look good as a unit filler.

The army I'm planning on doing is this:

Vampire Lord, Coven Throne, Aura of Dark Majesty, Dread Knight, Quickblood, Glittering Scales, Talisman of Preservation, Sword of Might

5 Wraiths
2 Banshees
Necromancer, Level 2, with Dispel Scrol

50 Zombies
40 Crypt Ghouls with Crypt Ghast
10 Dire Wolves

5 Hexwraiths
Spirit Host

5 Cairn Wraiths
Black Coach

I'll likely build from this into an army list that isn't totally bad.  I really like the Ethereal stuff and I think 5 Cairn Wraith Heroes being the front rank of a bus of Zombies might be really good.
I'll be using the Wraith Harvester models from Reaper for the Cairn Wraiths.  They're nice and they're reasonably priced.

Before I'm full steam ahead with my Vampire Counts I'll be finishing up some Ogres (I have 6 Maneaters that are half painted) and I'll be painting up my copy of Dreadfleet.  I hope to have pictures up of the Maneaters, and the rest of my Ogres, for next Monday and Dreadfleet the Monday after that.

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