Friday, April 27, 2012

My Ten Favorite Warhammer Fantasy Models

The post I wanted to put up today is giving me issues. I hope to have it up next Friday as it's something I've been trying to express for a while and I think I'm finally getting close to doing so correctly.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to look at my favorite Warhammer Fantasy models. Unlike other games, miniature gaming demands an aesthetic appreciation. When I played Magic the Gathering or the Game of Thrones Card Game I would just make decks based on in-game mechanics and effectiveness. I didn't really have any attachment to any of the cards or anything else. After a period I would look past all the art and just see mathematics and simply play the game with that in mind.

Miniature gaming, and Warhammer especially, is different. I know people who are married to one army and have played the same army for over a decade. I'm obviously not that guy, but for me to play a game, or a faction within it, I have to like the figures. This makes sense as I'm sure most of us spend far more time painting figures than we do playing with them. It's why my attempt to play Warmachine in 2010 fizzled out: half of their figures are just awful.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look at some of my favorite figures from Warhammer Fantasy. I only included figures that are currently available, but there are lots here that really inspire me and demand me to buy and paint them.

Beastmen - Jabberslythe
I love this figure. If I were to design a monster that was able to fly and made people go insane by merely looking upon it this is what I would have come up with. It's just totally nuts and I really love it.

Warriors of Chaos - Chaos Lord on Chaos Steed
This figure works for me for a totally opposite reason from the Jabberslythe: it's so simple and classic that it is immediately evocative of what a Chaos Lord should look like. Whereas the Jabberslythe was unbound imagination, this Chaos Lord is a simple figure that is just classic and timeless.

Tomb Kings - Prince Apophas
Egyptian demon assassin made of scarabs? Yes, yes please. 

Tomb Kings - Queen Khalida
This is similar to the Chaos Lord I talked about above. The pose isn't dynamic and she's not as complex or detailed as many figures, but she is just so classic and evocative that it really works for me. I picked one up and painted it last week and I'll be posting her and the remainder of my Tomb Kings stuff this Monday. This is a fantastic figure that is also amazing in the new Tomb Kings book.

Vampire Counts - Winged Vampire Lord
This is, again, not a very elaborate or dynamic figure but it's just so full of character that it is one of the big reasons why I want to do Vampire Counts. This guy just looks like a total badass.

Skaven - Deathmaster Snikch
Just look at that guy! He has a great pose and just looks mean. I really liked the older Snikch model but this one is even more fantastic. 

Dark Elves - Cold One Knights
These guys were some of the first new cavalry Games Workshop put out in the last few years. Four years ago they started to update a lot of their old cavalry models and these are probably my favorite, although the Chaos Knights are up there. 

Orcs and Goblins - Arachnarok Spider
Just look at that thing! I know some people aren't a big fan of the new books getting a big monster, but I think it makes a lot of sense and I'm very much in favor of every army have a centerpiece model.

Warriors of Chaos - Nurgle Chaos Lord
I really like Nurgle. The only army I regret selling was my Deathguard army for 40k. This guy is the epitome of how awesome Nurgle can be. He's one of those models that's just so awesome I'm still honestly surprised it isn't an Avatars of War model. This guy just oozes Nurgle and it works great.

Ogre Kingdoms - Firebelly
This is an ogre that eats lava and spits out flames. The model is as awesome as that sounds. 

Call me a fanboy (or is it "fanboi"? I always forget), but I'm a big Games Workshop fan because they put out some amazing models and their games are fun. I could complain about prices, lack of FAQs, how they won't release the books in the order I want them to release them (6th Edition and Tyranids please), and tons of other things but at the end of the day I just don't care because I love their models, the game worlds, and the rules make for very fun games.

I'm finishing up the last of my Tomb Kings. I have some characters and Necropolis Knights that I'm excited to share for Monday. I'll also be working on a big post summarizing my Tomb Kings and have pictures so I can link to the army easily.

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