Monday, April 2, 2012

The Colonial - Battle Reports and Thoughts

The Colonial was a really fun weekend.  This was my first major Warhammer Fantasy tournament and it was a really fun time and I'm already looking forward to going back next year to play some more Fantasy.  I'm even excited, despite losing all 5 games, so that should tell you something!

The event took place at a VFW Hall and it was a really solid venue.  The event was cheaper than last year and catered. I think that's not a bad trade off for not being in a hotel.

Game 1 v Paul Gates
This was a tough game against a good opponent.  Paul was a local at my store before I started playing Warhammer and it was fun to talk about people we both knew.
I knew Warriors of Chaos was going to be a tough matchup and that I would likely not have an answer for Chaos Heroes on Discs or Dragons.  He had both and it was brutal.  Really good guy and great player.

Game 2 v Bill Donovan
Game 2 was against Bill Donovan who I get to play with at Game Parlor.  I set up too conservatively and he was able to outplay me.  This is one of those games where I figured out what I could do better afterwards and definitely came away learning a thing or two.  It was a very good game and I had a lot of fun getting my butt kicked.  I also really like Bill's Nuln themed army with converted Steam Tank / War Altar (Steam Altar?  War Tank?) and his Sigmarite Virgins were scary as well. 
This was a really competitive game and is one of those games that remind me why I love being in this hobby.

Game 3 v Eric Ziegler
Game 3 was against Ogres.  He was pretty dour since he was, like me, 0-2 but he started to get more into the game as he started to beat me up.  This was one of those games where luck didn't help as Khatep miscasted on his first spell and used his reroll to cast it again and then followed up with another miscast.  Double 1s on the miscast and Khatep gets sucked up into the Warp (is the Warp a thing in Fantasy?  I always forget).  Between that and his making Leadership 7 tests really regularly and it was a total defeat.

Game 4 v Andrew "Captain Red Gevhere" DeAlmagro
This was probably my favorite game of the weekend.  His army was really cool and I really liked the idea of a pirate themed Empire army.  This was a bloody game full of lots of close combat and lots of shooting.  I managed to kill a lot of his army but didn't really focus on any particular unit so I didn't have much to show for it.  This was a really fun game and he was a very fun guy to play against and I hope I get to play him again in the future. 

Game 5 v Vampire Counts
This was probably my least favorite game.  He was a new player who had a partially painted Vampire Counts army.  He didn't quite know all the rules and what rules he got wrong were always in his favor.  I got a little tired of asking him questions and trying to keep things on the level since I was 0-4 at that point.  Not a bad kid and I think with a few years he could become a much better opponent.  His Hex Wraiths managed to beat me up pretty good, which was easy for them to do as he kept changing who was his General so they were always able to march, and it ended up being another loss for me.

Closing Thoughts

Overall this was another fun year at the Colonial.  It being in a VFW hall was a little different, but the drop in price and the addition of food more than made up for it being less convenient than having it at a hotel. 

I plan to go next year and will likely play Fantasy again as the Colonial is still a very big Fantasy tournament.

Moving into the future, I think I'm going to do Vampire Counts.  I have way too many zombies and I love the Coven Throne and Mortis Engine too much to.  They army looks rad and it's something I think I could do in time for Quake City Rumble.  I'll play with my Tomb Kings some more locally to see if I can get them to work but I don't have a lot of hope for it.  I do really like how the army looks, though, especially since they took a week or so to paint.
Tomb Kings about to be packed up to go. In defeat.
I ended up leaving North Jersey at 3PM and sped home so I could get back in time for Wrestlemania.  I'll have my Wrestlemania post up tomorrow, but I'm not sure if it was worth driving 80 MPH and weaving through traffic to get home in time to for the biggest disappointment since seeing Micmacs.

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