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WWE Smackdown Review - March 2 2012

I'm not always going to write episode reviews of Raw and Smackdown.  I start to repeat myself and not really add anything interesting.  Going into the future you can expect a wrestling post most Wednesdays and for any episode reviews when the episode has something that is worth discussing.

I long ago decided that if I tried to focus on one topic, either wrestling or Warhammer or politics, that I would run out of things to say pretty quickly and the blog would either be full of empty posts or become abandoned.

Friday night's Smackdown actually gave me a lot of things to talk about.  Here are the things that really caught my attention.

Sheamus's Promo
I loved this promo.  There was so much humanity, humility, and reality to this promo.  Sheamus comes out and talks about how bad of a guy Daniel Bryan has become, but that he knows he wasn't any better than Daniel Bryan when he was champion.  Sheamus talks about how he became something he hated because of the championship and how he deserved to lose it.  He goes on to explain that losing his championship made him grow as a person and he hopes to do the same for Daniel Bryan.
Far too often we expect the "good guys" in the WWE to be mean spirited bullies.  The only real difference between most faces and heels is their music and crowd reaction.  Sheamus has fell into this, but last night he really took a turn towards someone I would be okay with my 7 year old nephew wanting to emulate.

I really can't overstate how much I loved that promo.  I have been a big fan of Sheamus for a while.  I kept hoping he would become an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons styled true-neutral Druid who would just randomly come out to balance the odds for every match.  If he's not going to do that than I guess I'm okay with him being the only face in the company who manages to be both charismatic and an actual decent human being.  Good job, Sheamus.

Laurinaitis v Teddy Long
I'm actually really liking this feud.  It gives Laurinaitis the chance to build the best stable of wrestlers ever (Daniel Bryan, AJ, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, David Otunga) and it gives Teddy Long something to do besides be Teddy Long.
Otunga color coordinating his thermos = Best
The only real downside is that this feud would be perfect for Survivor Series but we're 8 months out from that event.  I really don't know where it's going, but I'm enjoying it in the meantime.

Cody Rhodes
I love Cody Rhodes.  He can wrestle.  He can talk.  He's funny.  The guy is young and I think he's going to be one of those guys that will carry the WWE going into the future.  I'm not thrilled about his match with Big Show at Wrestlemania, but if it will give us more of this
then I'll be happy.

Daniel Bryan's Promo
Anyone that ever said Daniel Bryan can't talk needs to take that back.  I'm usually not a fan of cheap heel promos that just involve them trashing the city they're in, but Daniel Bryan did it amazingly.  Daniel Bryan's promo was hilarious, heelish, and just perfect.
I went from being really happy that my favorite wrestler, Daniel Bryan, got a match with another wrestler I really like, Sheamus, at Wrestlemania to that match being my most anticipated.

I've long preferred Smackdown over Raw.  Last night reminded me why this was the case: WRESTLING!  Raw can get bogged down with talking and penis measuring contests, but Smackdown shines best when it features wrestlers wrestling.  Even the promo Sheamus gave was only about 5 minutes.

Dolph Ziggler v Sheamus was a really great match.  I really like Sheamus but he's kind of like Alberto Del Rio to me: he's great with a lot of wrestlers but some match ups just totally fall flat.  Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus had such great in-ring chemistry that I'm really hoping the Wrestlemania card gets totally switched around: Dolph Ziggler v Sheamus, Daniel Bryan v CM Punk, Jericho v Undertaker, Triple H v Unemployment Line.
Heather Slater v Santino was decent enough.  The only real bad part of this match were the people chanting "You can't wrestle!" when, in fact, they could and the match wasn't bad.  I don't expect these two to put on a classic match, but it's as good as one could hope for given who it involves.

I don't really want to see another Big Show v Mark Henry match but the one we got on Friday wasn't terrible.  Cody Rhodes provided some good commentary and the match wasn't bad.

Justin Gabriel v Drew McIntyre was also good enough.  I'm not sure where they're going with Drew McIntyre, but I hope he gets a chance.

Daniel Bryan v Randy Orton was a lot of fun.  I'm really happy that they're moving away from having Daniel Bryan look like a weak champion.  He isn't dominating everyone the way he should be, but he's taking top guys like Randy Orton and CM Punk to the limit.

This was a really entertaining match.  Orton and Bryan had a lot of really great back and forth in the ring.  Having it end with the ever boring Kane was disappointing, but we got a lot of good stuff in this match that I really can't complain.
I think my favorite part of this match was Booker T.  Booker T swore he would no longer call Daniel Bryan "D-Bry" and would instead just call him Daniel.  I don't know why this is so hilarious to me but it just was.  I'm a big Booker T fan, though, and have always found he made Michael Cole easier to suffer through than Jerry Lawler.

Overall this was a highly entertaining episode.  Thursday's TNA: Impact: Impact Zone: Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling was really good, too, and I didn't think Smackdown could outdo it.  It did.  Good job, WWE!

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