Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tomb Kings WIP Update

I came home yesterday to a really nice surprise.  Ashley had primed my Tomb Kings, in addition to helping me assemble them.

The paint scheme I'm using for bone is:

  • Prime using Army Painter Bone Primer.
  • Drybrush using P3 Menoth White Base.
  • Drybrush using P3 Menoth White Highlight.
  • Drybrush using GW Skull White.
  • Wash with my mixture of Devlan Mud, Sepia, and water.
It works pretty well.
The picture doesn't get the gradient as well as I would like but it works.

Everything is primed now and I was able to do the first drybrush on the entire army.  Here is what I have now.

The army is coming together pretty well.  Here's the schedule I'm working with to get this army done in time for The Colonial:
March 15: Drybrush Menoth White Highlight and Skull White on entire army.
March 16: Apply wash to entire army and paint Chariots and their bases.
March 17: Finish Chariot Crew and start on Screaming Skull Catapults.
March 18: Finish Scream Skull Catapults and crew.
March 19: Paint Casket of Souls.
March 20: Play some games!
March 21: Work on bases of entire army.
March 22: Finish bases on entire army.
March 23: Paint all Archers (60).
March 24: Play some more games!
March 25: Paint all Spearmen (50).
March 26: Paint Liche Priests
March 27: Paint Tomb King

I think this is very achievable.  It took me about 2 hours to fully paint and base the 12 Spearmen above.  Once I get the bone done on the army it'll just be a matter of basing, painting weapons and shields, and picking out details.

I'll be doing regular updates as I make progress.

I'm excited to do all this work and lose terribly for bringing a bad list of a bad army to a big tournament, but it'll still be fun!


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