Friday, March 23, 2012

Tomb Kings Update - March 23

I'm making some really good progress on my Tomb Kings.  The army is almost done being based and I've made lots of smaller progress throughout the rest of the army.  It's looking like I can finish this by Thursday at the latest, which saves me from painting at the hotel on Friday.
I'm actually really happy with how this army is starting to look together.  While it's definitely a fast-painted army I think it's going to look solid on the tabletop.  As I was basing models, even models that weren't fully completed, I was thinking that merely basing models really makes them look good.

This is my (hopefully) last schedule of painting:
March 23: Finish Basing
March 24: Spearmen Shields
March 25: Spearmen Shields & Archers
March 26: Archers and Horse Archers
March 27: Playing games of Warhammer Fantasy: The Game of Fantasy Battles
March 28: Painting Screaming Skull Catapults and Crew
March 29: Painting Characters
March 30: Drive up to NJ for The Colonial!
March 31: Hopefully win one of the three games this day!
April 1st: Race home to watch Wrestlemania!

I'm also happy that my army fits on my display board.  I'll try to get a little how-to on how I made this really cheap but really practical display board sometime soon.

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