Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomb Kings Update - March 19

I made quite a lot of progress this weekend on my Tomb Kings.  I'm very optimistic about finishing them in time for The Colonial.  My biggest worry is that I won't have a chance to get many games in with them, but I doubt extra games are going to help me win with a bad army anyway.

I finished all 8 of my Chariots.  I'm running them in two units of 4 and they are differentiated by their colors (turquoise and yellow).
These are likely to be the most challenging models to paint for this army.  I had to paint each component separately and then attach them, which is something I never enjoy doing, and the Charioteers are the most detailed of all the Tomb Kings models I'm using.  Painting all their little bits was a pain and even still they aren't as neat as I would have liked.
On the whole I'm pretty happy with them.  The rest of the army is assembled and have their bone painted, so I'm hopeful I can whip through the rest of the army without any problems.
I'm not very happy with these pictures.  I'm going to play around some with the camera and my set up to see if the rest of the army can photograph better.

Here's my revised painting schedule:
March 19: Casket of Souls
March 20: Paint bases
March 21: Paint bases
March 22: Paint Spearmen
March 23: Paint Spearmen
March 24: Paint Archers
March 25: Paint Archers
March 26: Paint Horse Archers
March 27: Paint Screaming Skull Catapults
March 28: Characters
March 29: Finish up the army and work on a display board
March 30: Drive up to the Colonial!

I'll be posting again later this week with my progress.  I have a series of posts I hope to get started this week on Mike Daisy and lots of other things, but we'll see how this week goes.

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