Monday, March 12, 2012

Hobby Update and Tomb Kings Army List

I have decided to take my Tomb Kings to the Colonial.  The army is almost all assembled, all I need to do are finish my chariots tonight, and after that it should only take two weeks to paint up.

Here's a shot of the assembled army (minus chariots) and I think they look pretty mean together.
One of the things I love about Warhammer Fantasy, and something that is now possible in 8th Edition, is seeing large blocks of troops marching about.  Having two fully painted Warhammer armies full of menacing blocks is something that is really evocative and inspiring.

I'll be updating the painting progress here and on my Twitter over the next two weeks.  I had a lot of fun doing that with my Dark Eldar last year and I'm actually excited to crack out this army as quickly.

Here is the list I'm working on taking to the Colonial:

Tomb King, Fencer's Blades, Glittering Scales, Talisman of Endurence 
Grand Hierophant Khatep 

Liche Priest (Death), Dispel Scroll 
Liche Priest (Light), Ruby Ring of Ruin 

50 Skeleton Warriors with Spears and Full Command 
20 Skeleton Archers with Full Command 
20 Skeleton Archers with Full Command 
10 Skeleton Archers 
10 Skeleton Archers 
5 Skeleton Horse Archers with Musician 
5 Skeleton Horse Archers with Musician 
4 Skeleton Chariots with Musician, Banner 
5 Skeleton Chariots with Musician, Banner, Flaming Banner 

Screaming Skull Catapult 
Screaming Skull Catapult 
Casket of Souls 

I expect this to change some.  I'm likely to drop one Chariot and some command, especially on the Archers, to bump up my Liche Priest of Death to a level 2 and add some other odds and ends.

Other Odds and Ends
My Ogres are about to lose to Harry's Warriors of Chaos.  Again.

I had two games with my Ogres on Saturday.  I love the Ogre Kingdoms army, I really do.  I'm just frustrated by them.  I'm not playing them as well as I should be and I don't think they fit my play-style.  I'm hopeful that Tomb Kings will be a better fit.  These two games were what really pushed me towards taking Tomb Kings to the Colonial.

Ashley was nice enough to take some new pictures of my Chaos Warshrine.  I touched it up some for #miniaturemonday and have been meaning to take some new pics of it since the old ones are seen a lot through Google Image Search.  
This was a really easy conversion to do.  I made my Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch from the Atlantean Ram Chariot from Mage Knight.  This was a really easy kit to repaint and made for a good foundation.  They're easy to find online for one or two dollars.  

I then used a pillar from the Chaos Shrine terrain kit and put a Chaos Spawn on top.  I like to think this was a Chaos Sorcerer who was in the middle of casting some great Metal spell and who descended into spawnhood in the middle of casting.  His golden body still radiates this magic and is carted around by Chaos Warriors who want to use its powers.
Overall I'm really happy with how it came out.  The only issue I have with it is that it's a little too long to fit on a regular chariot base, so I had to make a 125mm x 50mm base for it to fit on.  It works, though, and I think it looks really good.

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