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WWE Smackdown February 17, 2012 Review

This isn't going to be a very long review because I don't have a whole lot to say about Friday's episode of Smackdown.

Here's a quick run through of my thoughts.

Wow, Wrestling Happened.  WRESTLING!
Last week's Smackdown was pretty bad.  Usually Smackdown can be reliably solid, but last week just didn't do anything.  This week started out kind of similar, but all of a sudden I realized that there was WRESTLING on this WRESTLING SHOW starring WRESTLERS.  I love WRESTLING!
Seriously, this episode had some solid matches.  It started out with Big Show and Khali versus Barrett (of the Barrett Barrage) and Cody Rhodes.  Sure, that match was pretty bad but the rest of the show had some solid wrestling and told some good stories.
I'm a real big fan of Hunico, and I'm very glad he's having a feud against Ted DiBiase.  Ted DiBiase isn't my favorite wrestler but he's solid and charismatic enough that I'm happy he's around.  I think Hunico could be huge in a few years if treated properly.  He's one of those guys that just has the complete package and could quickly become someone special.  Of all the midcard guys they have now (The American Dragon is World Heavyweight Champion so he's finally out of the midcard yay!), I think Hunico is the most complete and interesting.  He can do high flying moves and can also work in the ring like a true technician.
Even as a kid I didn't much care for Battle Royals.  It's just a big boring mess of guys doing a lot of nothing until there's only a few left.  As far as Battle Royals go, this one wasn't bad.  Having Santino win and get to replace Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber is a peculiar choice but the crowd really loves Santino so I can't be too upset. MrsTHESTINGER hates it, though, and doesn't want to pay for tonight's PPV because of it, so we're just going to hit up a bar in Arlington to watch Elimination Chamber.  If you see a goofy redheaded guy with a Dusty Rhodes shirt tonight be sure to say hi!
I'm not really big on the Usos, but somewhere in their match against Epico and Primo, who I think are really good, I realized that this was a good match and deserved more of my attention.  Thanks, Usos!

Why Teddy Long Is Great
I'm not going to lie, for a while I didn't care for Teddy Long.  I mean, he'd just come out and say "hold on now, playa" and that was cute but he really hasn't done anything for a while.  I could be reading a lot into this, but somewhere in the last few weeks he realized that he lives in the real world and should act like it.
Friday's episode started out with Randy Orton being sad and Teddy Long just straight up said he couldn't compete because of a concussion and that he was calling security to escort him out.  Later, when Mark Henry and Big Show try to bully him into getting what they want, he just tries to call them down before calling security to escort them out.  At a certain point, Teddy Long seemed to realize that he can fire these people and shouldn't put up with their trifling crap.

Good job, Teddy!

Other Thoughts
I wanted to talk about more than how I love Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes being thoroughly entertaining with everything he does, how Sheamus is an awesome Dwarf Slayer, and just otherwise gush about the things I normally love and keep me watching.  
One thing I don't talk about much is that I really like Booker T on commentary.  He's excited to be there, he has personal grudges with people but still sees them as really capable wrestlers, and he is just otherwise really fun to listen to.  I know he's one of those people the Innernettes seems to hate, but I really dig him on commentary.  Friday also gave us a really sad Booker T seriously telling Michael Cole that he hates him.  I missed it the first time but after making some gifs today I heard it and just laughed.

I know Michael Cole gets a lot of crap, and much of it is deserved, but I don't think the problem was ever Michael Cole.  Sure, at times he went too far and it's clear he's being reigned in some but even then the problem wasn't Michael Cole.  Booker T always tempered Michael Cole so he was never too bad on Smackdown.  The problem is Jerry Lawler.  Lawler does nothing to reign in Cole's excesses and adds nothing of value.  He just makes casually racist remarks, incredibly creepy remarks, and is otherwise just an ass.  Michael Cole, even at his worst, gave us a year long feud with Daniel Bryan that kept the American Dragon relevant.

My dream commentary team is Booker T and William Regal.  It'd be amazing.

The only other thing I'd like to really talk about is how annoyed I am at this whole Natalya thing.  Look, for the first time in months we got a good women's match.  It lasted for a few minutes and was pretty well done.  It's not going to be match of the year or anything, but it was a good start.  Then they ruined it.  It would have been such an easy gif to make, too, but I respect Natalya too much to do that to her and to potentially have it used elsewhere.  So, thanks, WWE, for taking one step forward and five steps backwards.  Jerks.

This is very quickly going to turn into a week of wrestling posts.  Elimination Chamber is tonight, tomorrow is Raw, and we're getting a live Smackdown on Tuesday.  This week is going to be extra intense on the wrestling but I promise to make it up to you guys in the coming weeks as I finish up some Marx posts and start going into my Tomb King army.

Also, you can see all of the gifs I made this week at my Tumblr.  If you use any please let people know where you got them so I can better indoctrinate the world into Marx.  You're welcome.

But, seriously, feel free to use them and if you have any requests for other gifs please let me know.

Smell ya later!

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