Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WWE Raw Feb 13 Mini Review

It's becoming increasingly difficult to write about the WWE.  Rarely has the quality been so erratic and when it gets bad it can be very bad.  I don't have the time or energy to go into a full review like I normally would, but I'll go over what I remember from last night.  If I can't remember it less than 12 hours later it's because it wasn't worth writing about anyhow.  This also explains why I didn't write about Smackdown, but I did create some gifs that you can see here.
He gets like 2 minutes.  HHH and HBK get like a half hour.  :(
First, I'd like to say that last night's episode wasn't as bad as the previous week.  It started out pretty terribly with this debate thing.  The idea of getting the participants of Raw's Elimination Chamber could be a fun thing.  I want to know Dolph Ziggler's views on Social Security.  Instead, we just get a lot of crap and it was boring.  I'm a big critic of Face-Punk but his reaction to this was one I could agree with.
This segment had a few problems.  First, I never really enjoy Battle Royales as it's really difficult to tell an actual story until most everyone has already been thrown out.  Wrestling matches are best when they tell a story and show us something entertaining through the sheer athleticism and it becomes increasingly difficult to do those things when there are more and more people in the ring.  Second, having Ziggler, Jericho, and Miz just made me realize that Raw now has three heels who are heels because of "you people" styled cheap heat.  I really like these three guys but seeing them blend into one another and all become boring in the process just really annoys me.  R-Truth was funny, though, but I'm always unsure if I should feel bad or not for enjoying his schtick.
I guess some wrestling happened as well.  Everyone looked kind of slow and it was pretty boring.  CM Punk can put on great matches and I like The Miz more than most but these two had no chemistry together.  It was pretty bad.  Jericho and Kofi were also underwhelming.  Orton and Big Show was just embarrassing.  I really hate hating on people but Big Show isn't very good in the ring and he's reaching Khali levels of bad.  I want to like Big Show more than I actually like him, but, yeah, I don't see his purpose.  Mark Henry?  Yes.  Big Show?  No.
What else happened?  I don't even know.  I guess Kane tried to ambulance abduct-rape Eve and she jumped out and broke Ryder's heart by kissing Cena.  That happened.  Actually, this episode was pretty bad but I laughed for a solid ten minutes about it.  Good job, WWE.  What's the opposite of empathy?  You made me feel it.
Daniel Bryan was awesome, so there's that.  He just stroked his beard and got excited and beat people up with the belt.  That was cool.

Man, guys, I got nothing.  I'm sorry.

Yesterday I did a review of Ring Ka King and I explained the things I look for in a wrestling show.  Outside of the constant hilarity involving Zack Ryder's tragic life the show was a complete dud.  Well, and Daniel Bryan.  Keep giving us Daniel Bryan, he's amazing.  Also, I guess Ziggler.  I like Ziggler.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the show, I guess.  I'm a total sucker, though, and when the show gets bad (like it did last night) I just have it on in the background as I paint some of my Warhammer dudes because I'm an adult, okay?
Oh!  I almost forgot.  Some dude brought a fiat currency sign.  Man, I hate Paultards.  This includes Kane, but then again I have lots of other reasons to hate Kane (spoiler alert: he's awful).

Tomorrow I'll have a hobby post showing some more of my Ogres.  Yes, I'm stretching this out for as long as possible to give me room to paint Tomb Kings so that I can in turn stretch it out to carry me through the next hobby project.  For a long time I always wanted to have a blog focusing on rasslin' or Warhammer or Marx but then I realize that it'd last all of a month before I got disheartened.  Writing about whatever I want to write makes it so I can write regularly about things I'm interested in at any given time.  Thanks for everyone that reads, though, I really appreciate it!

Pics and gifs are courtesy of me, jerks!  Actually, if you want to use them you're more than welcome to.  Just let people know where you got them so they can be indoctrinated into Communism.  Many more gifs are stored on my Tumblr (wtf is that?  I'm an adult using a website called Tumblr?  ugh).  But, yeah, go here for those gifs.


  1. Hey, this is DJB123 from WITHLEATHER!

    You're awesome bro!

    1. Thanks for reading, man! You're one of my favorite people over there and it's really flattering that you appreciate what I'm doing over here! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

  2. No problem man! I appreciate it. BTW, I am also a socialist. I can't really say I'm a communist because as a buddhist I hate what China did to Tibet but that doesn't make the theories of Karl Marx any less intriguing and correct.

    1. I know what you mean. I bounce around from calling myself a socialist, communist, leftist, anarcho-communist, and lots of other things. At the end of the day, though, I oftentimes just consider myself an anti-capitalist since that's the core problem we're trying to address.

      China is peculiar. More and more it's becoming a capitalist society. People don't see it because they buy into the neo-liberal / globalization myth that free markets make free people, but I think we're going to see a lot more in the way of Chinese styled capitalism.

      Actually, your comment inspired me to work on an article I've been bouncing around for a few weeks. Thanks, friend!

  3. Awesome. I agree. I like Communism as a necessary counter-point to the fallacies of capitalism. A verifiable debunker of the paultards.


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