Monday, February 20, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber Review

Last night another one of those Pay Per Views happened.  It was alright.  MrsTHESTINGER and I went to Bailey's over at the Ballston Mall in Arlington to watch it and we had an absolute blast.  The crowd there was amazing.  I've been to my fair share of live WWE events, but seeing it with a crowd at a bar is better than most of my live excursions.
The PPV served no real purpose.  At their core, each show should advance the plot and give us some entertaining matches, segments, or bits.  Elimination Chamber did nothing to advance any plot, as we all knew Daniel Bryan was going to fight Sheamus, CM Punk would fight Jericho, and John Cena would go against the Rock at Wrestlemania.  The only real chance to change any of that up would be to have Jericho win at Elimination Chamber so Punk was the challenger at 'Mania.  That didn't even happen, so I don't know what to tell you guys.
The matches themselves were pretty solid.  The Raw Elimination Chamber match had some good spots and Dolph Ziggler just keeps showing us that he's the man.  He's so good at selling wrestling moves, I'm sure he could sell icecubes to a Canadian or something.  But, seriously, he's the man.  My major fear with Ziggler is that between his goofy name and his ability to make everyone else look like the most deadly person ever that he'll never be given another chance to headline big events and otherwise get to be a star (he's already a S.T.A.R, though).  Seriously, if I was writing WWE shows (and I should be!) I'm not sure if I would ever let Ziggler do anything but make Zack Ryder look like a badass, and I really love Dolph.

Oh, also, Cody Rhodes is similarly amazing.  All my life I end up cheering for the mid-card heels who get let go and eventually descend into a spiral of drug addiction and alcoholism. I wish I could stop the inevitable decline of Ziggler and Cody, but I can't.  Sorry, guys.
The rest of the event was solid enough.  Despite Tamina not really knowing how to wrestle, she put on a good enough match with Ms Phoenix.  Justin Gabriel and Jack Swagger were solid, even if they weren't as good as Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel from last week's Superstars (anyone else watch that?  No?  Okay.) Only Kane and Cena were terrible, but that qA more or less expected because of how awful Kane is despite being a veritable John Galt of rasslin'.  haha j/k, he's awful and should go away forever.

I was glad to see Alberto Del Rio and Christian.  I really love those guys and my wildest dreams would be for Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, and David Otunga to lead a vicious new Four Horsemen / NWO stable lead by John Laurinaitis and just have them completely destroy the WWE ala Nexus.  OH HELL!  What if Steiner, Brutus Magnus, and Sonjay Dutt were on the phone with "The Boss" and it turned out to be John Laurinaitis and we could have Mr Excitement's Mega Stable invade Ring Ka King?  I'm a child, ignore me.
I really don't know what else to say.  I hope this PPV means we can stop having Big Show fighting Daniel Bryan.  Santino was funny enough, and probably got the biggest cheers at the bar, and he was a solid enough wrestler.
At this point I just need to focus on how excited I am for Daniel Bryan to be in Wrestlemania.  GO DBRY GO!

I didn't make so many gifs for Elimination Chamber but if you have any requests let me know.  The ones I've made can be found here.

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