Monday, February 13, 2012

Ring Ka King Review

Ring Ka King is TNA's new wrestling promotion in India that means "King of the Ring" in English.  Now, if you told me that an Indian wrestling promotion from the guys that brought us TNA would quickly become my new Favorite Thing Ever I would have called you a liar.  Instead, it has become something special and amazing.
I've seen the first three episodes of Ring Ka King and I really love it.  I won't go into an in depth analysis of it the way I would for a WWE program because I don't think I need to.  Instead, I'm going to list the things that I notice in a wrestling show that really matter to me and talk about how Ring Ka King does in these categories.

The first and most obvious criteria to judge a wrestling show is by the actual wrestling.  I've been spoiled by YouTube giving me easy access to tons of amazing matches, but even still Ring Ka King is pretty good.  They let their matches go on for a few minutes and they are solid.  They could tell better stories and be technically more interesting, but they are definitely serviceable.  I don't want to be too critical about the quality of matches but the matches aren't why I'm so excited about the show anyhow.
Grade: C

The actual wrestlers really matter.  Outside of putting on technical matches they are there to make the audience laugh, cry, and care.  So far Dr Nicholas Dinsmore has made me do all three but many others have shown a lot of charisma.  While watching Ring Ka King I tried to forget the past and just watch it fresh.  Doing so made me better appreciate Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner and even Chavo Guerrero came off as someone that was likable and entertaining.  I think if they picked up some good indie guys (I want to see El Generico and Ultra Mantis Black in every wrestling promotion) they could have a really deep roster with some amazing talent.  I'm also really excited to see more wrestlers from India.
Grade: B

This is one of Ring Ka King's biggest strengths.  I love the presentation.  The music is addicting, the arena is colorful, and there's just so much going on in every shot.  It's such a colorful and vibrant show that it becomes strangely hypnotic to watch.  There's so much going on that it becomes impossible to make gifs of it since I end up getting bogged down trying to do every single thing that happens.
Grade: A+

There were a lot of reasons why CM Punk versus John Cena at Money in the Bank was such a huge match and one of the biggest was the crowd.  They were on fire and made the match something truly special.  Ring Ka King's crowd is similarly amazing.  I'm only watching this through YouTube but I can still see and feel the energy of the crowd and it really makes the whole something something special.
Grade: A

I don't understand Hindi but hearing these guys talk about wrestling is similarly fun.  It's entertaining to just try to keep up as sprinkles of English words get thrown in like, "OH MY GOD!", "Face Busting DDT", "International Superstar", and others.  I'm not trying to be sarcastic or ironic but I really like these guys.  They're my favorite announcing team.  To be fair, though, I would like Jerry Lawler more if he spoke a language I couldn't understand.
Grade: B+

So far the two divisions given a lot of time are the Heavyweight Championship division and the Tag Team division.  Already Ring Ka King has a deeper Tag Team division than WWE.  The Mumbai Cats are by far my favorite Tag Team but the Bollywood Boys, Hollywood and Broadway, and Rave and Aeon are also really entertaining.  I'm hopeful their women's division will similarly become strong.
Grade: B

The WWE and other wrestling promotions know that throwing curve balls and just doing insane things can really make a show something memorable.  Ring Ka King is similar and there is just a series of ridiculous things that happen that really keep me interested in what's going on.  I made quite a few gifs showing some things that just surprised me.
Grade: B+

At the end of the day Ring Ka King has become something really fun.  I look forward to it and I'm excited to see these matches and storylines play out.  I want to know who Steiner, Sonjay, and Brutus are working for.  I want to see if anyone messes with Isaiah Cash, his bike, or his colors, and I want to know if anyone can break the Adonis Lock.  It's just a really fun show and I hope you all give it a chance.

For many more Ring Ka King gifs please check out my Tumblr.  I'm also doing regular Raw and Smackdown gifs there as well.  Feel free to use any of these gifs but please let people know where you got them.  Let me know if you have any wrestling gif requests.  Thanks!

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