Friday, February 17, 2012

The Red Fist Ogre Trible - Ironguts and Gnoblars

Here is my small unit of Ironguts I run sometimes with my Ogre army.
I think less of Ironguts than most.  They're Ogres and they're solid and not bad or anything, but they seem to fall in a middling area between Bulls and Maneaters.

Bulls with Ironfists are almost 25% cheaper than Ironguts, but they definitely don't feel 25% worse than Ironguts.  My Ogres seem to do the majority of their damage from Impact Hits and Stomps since WS 3 basically cuts in half the amount of attacks you get so Ironguts' Strength 6 isn't as important to me.
I could see Ironguts being better than Bulls when it comes to smaller units, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that Ogres should be run in large units. 

The other major point of comparison is that a naked Maneater is less than 20% more expensive than an Irongut and those extra points give you so much more than an extra 20% in effectiveness.  Those extra points give an extra point in Weapon Skill, an extra Attack, an extra point in Initiative, and an extra point of Strength over an Irongut, plus the ability to take various special rules.  Sure, Ironguts have Strength 6 Attacks but their Impact Hits and Stomps are only Strength 4 compared to a Maneater's Strength 5 all around. 
Basically, I'm increasingly coming around to thinking that Ironguts don't have a place.  Ogres are a better character bunker and are marginally less effective and Maneaters are so much better for not very many more points. 

Not for nothing but 15 Bulls with Ironfists and full command is 510 points.  15 Ironguts with full command is 675.  15 naked Maneaters with Full Command is 780.  It just looks to me that Ironguts aren't 165 points better than Bulls and if you're going to spend those points why not spend another 100 points for a unit that can be Stubborn and another special rule. 

Here are my Gnoblars!
These guys painted up very fast, one episode of Smackdown, and I think they came out decent enough.

I really like them in the game.  They're a cheap deployment and can be very effective against other hordes. 

Next week should be more Ogres, wrestling writeups, and I have an article involving liberal and leftist politics I need to finish editing.

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