Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Red Fist Ogre Tribe - Characters

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing pictures of my Ogre army as well as giving some thoughts on individual units.  Today I'm going to share the characters I've painted up and my experiences with them.

Ogre Tyrant
I had a lot of fun making this guy.  I think it was Richard who gave me this idea from a blog he saw where a gentleman in Spain made his entire army out of Minotaur bodied Ogre conversions.  The idea for mine was that he would be like Lord Humongous from The Road Warrior.  He is usually found in a large unit of Bulls that has had many gruesome injuries from times where the tribe was hungry and had to cannibalize itself.

In game terms I have often been underwhelmed with the Tyrant.  He's just not effective enough.  He costs twice as much as a Bruiser and in almost every situation two Bruisers would be more effective.  His giving Leadership 9 is really nice but my experiences have taught me that a Slaughtermaster with a Crown of Command is just better and since the Battle Standard Bearer is an auto include the Leadership 9 isn't really needed.

Ogre Bruiser - Army Battle Standard Bearer
This model was made out of a regular Bull kit with some extra bits.  Most notably I used some Rat Ogre armor bits as shoulder armor to bulk him out some.  I then took two of the Ironguts crazy-mouth-icon-things and glued them together to make it more imposing.

This model is an auto include in every Ogre army I make.  A horde of Ogres with Rune Maw, which makes them almost immune to enemy magic, is very difficult to get rid of.  It acts as a great hammer, one of the best anvils in the game, and a reliable bunker for my Slaughtermaster and any other characters I might take.

Ogre Slaughtermaster
 The Slaughtermaster is probably the most popular Lord choice in the Ogre army.  I can, and will likely, do an entire post on him as there's a lot to consider for him.  Generally I run him with the Lore of the Great Maw as it's a good enough Lore, Trollguts is an amazing spell for any large Ogre unit, and it keeps me from paying the "Butcher Tax".

I also usually run him with Crown of Command and an extra hand weapon.  Having 5 Attacks at Strength 5 is nothing to sneeze at and since the Great Maw Lore Attribute heals him back up he usually doesn't need any actual protection since he has 5 Wounds.

I also really love this model and am very happy with how I painted it.  The blood looks slick and gross and I couldn't be happier with it.

Ogre Butcher
Again, this is just another Ogre Bull model that I converted up.  I think the mask, extra fat, lack of a gutplate, and other bits make it noticeably different from a regular Bull.  No sense spending $40 when you can use some green stuff and bits to make a new character model!

There are two ways to run the Butcher.  First is to be used to carry a Dispel Scroll, or Hellheart if we're being adventurous, and to be used as the "Butcher Tax".  This means she will have the Lore of the Great Maw and it frees up the Slaughtermaster to take another lore.  The other way to use her, and the way I usually go with, is to give her the Lore of Beasts because the Signature Spell is so amazing.  Giving a big horde of Bulls, something I run in every army, +1 Strength and +1 Toughness is huge and the spell itself isn't hard to cast.

Ogre Firebelly

I already wrote about the Firebelly but I wanted to include his pictures here for completeness sake.

Storm of Magic Fimir Balefiend
I already wrote about the Fimir Balefiend but I finally got around to taking better pictures.  He was painted during the time when I was working on my Ogres so I do consider him an honorary part of the tribe.  

After playing a few more games with him I've really started to sour a bit on him in game.  His rules look great but he just never did anything for me.  The Lore of Shadow also looks much better on paper than it is in an actual game, at least with Ogres.  Even still I think he came out nicely and he was really fun to convert and paint up.

In the coming posts you'll be seeing the rest of my army.  I hope you enjoy!

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