Monday, February 6, 2012

The Red Fist Ogre Tribe - Bull Horde

Here is my Ogre Bull Horde for the Red Fist Tribe.

I've been running this unit for a while now.  A full horde of Ogre Bulls with Ironfists and Full Command have been really hard hitting and have proven to be very durable.  I usually throw in a few characters and it works out to be a unit of 18.

The theme of this unit is that they have experienced some very hard times and have had to resort to self cannibalization on more than one occasion.  Every model has a grievous wound that would be fatal to any mere human.

One of my favorite things about the old Ogre Kingdom's book was the two page bit that was made out to be a doctor's analysis of an Ogre dissection.  One of the things that really stuck with me about that piece, besides how awesome it was, was that Ogres are near impossible to kill.  This unit really proves that point as there are missing arms and legs, lower jaws that have been removed, guts spilling out of bellies, and all other manner of grievous wound.

In game terms this unit has done very well for me.  It hits very hard and is just impossible to fully kill.  They don't dish out the amount of damage that Ironguts do but they are more resilient and cost considerably less.  The more I play with the Ogre army the more I think that Bulls and Maneaters have a place but that Ironguts kind of fall somewhere in between and aren't quite as good or as cost efficient as either of those choices.  Don't get me wrong, a horde of Ironguts is still amazing but I think you get a little more value out of hording Maneaters or hording Bulls.  This unit is near impossible to get rid of when it escorts a BSB with Runemaw and a Slaughtermaster with the Crown of Command.

I tried to keep a constant theme throughout the army.  The two big things that unify the army is that each model has a bloody right fist (although this unit doesn't quite follow this as not every model has a right hand) and that they all have blue tattoos on their backs.  I think it unifies the army and adds some extra details onto them.

On the whole I'm very happy with how this unit came out.  I think it looks unique and is painted to a higher tabletop standard.


I also wanted to talk a little bit about the RPG I've been running.  We've been playing a generic fantasy campaign using the Savage Worlds rules and it's been a ton of fun.  We had a really fun session yesterday and I've been having a lot of fun planning for and running this game.

We've been talking and it looks like for our next session in two weeks that I will be running Deadlands using Savage Worlds.  Deadlands is my absolute favorite RPG and I'm excited to go revisit that world.  I'm also really excited to start painting up the Reaper Deadlands figures.  I'll likely be OCD about it and paint up all the figures as they come out.  So far they all look great, though, so that's not a problem.

Here are some pictures from today's game.  They had to go mucking about in a swamp to find the heart of a powerful Hag Queen.  Along the way they encountered some Gorgers and a Fimir guarding the swamp.

Things get serious in the Swamp O' Doom!
This vicious swamp tiger stalks her prey!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi,
    I also play Ogre kingdoms and I would like to say you are completely wrong about the ironguts. I think you have to look at what the ironguts have compared to the bulls. Its about 17 points per model if it was possible to give them heavy armour and a great weapon going off the tyrant's upgrade possibilities. In the book they are record as 13 points more. So your saving 4 points. which if your using 15 comes out to 60 points extra to spend. My ironguts always come through for me but I can see how you would say that.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. I'm coming around to Ironguts but in smaller chunks. I usually run a horde in Core (16 Ogres or so + Slaughtermaster & BSB) and the math works out like this for me:
      16 Ironguts with full Command = 718
      16 Bulls with Ironfists and Full Command = 542

      That 176 point difference is pretty big. I think I prefer 16 Bulls and then using those additional points for paying for 4 (of 6) Ironguts and use them as a detachment for flank charges.

      I see the appeal of the Irongut horde: there is nothing they can't kill, but I still maintain that for the points that Maneaters are better. I think Bulls make for a better bunker and that with the leftover points they can invest in a solid counter attack unit that makes them as effective as the Irongut horde.

      Thanks a lot for the comment, I really appreciate it! I really dig the new Ogre book because while there aren't a lot of choices every choice seems viable so there's a lot of possible variation. Thanks!


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