Monday, February 27, 2012

Dialectical Hobby News and Thoughts

There's a lot going on in the world of miniature gaming.

I would like to take this opportunity to go into some things that have caught my eye and to give an update as to where I am in regards to my plans for the year.

New Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Source Books
The Games Workshop Lord of the Rings SBG is probably my favorite miniatures game.  It's at least up there with Starship Troopers and DBA.  GW recently released a set of books updating model rules, giving us new scenarios, and changing how army creation works.

I'm a big fan of these changes.  Updating everything at the same time is a brilliant idea and after reading the new books I think it was a really well done update.

The biggest change is in how armies are created.  Before, you could have just one hero lead masses of nameless troops.  As the game progressed it became apparent that this was a better way to build armies, but it always looked and felt different than how I imagined Tolkien's world to operate.

The new Warband system requires one hero to lead every 12 warrior models.  This does a few important things.  First, the game now looks more like how I imagine battles in Middle Earth to look like.  Second, having more heroes makes for smaller armies and this will speed the game up considerably.

Overall, I'm really happy with these changes and excited for where they will go with The Hobbit.  As such, the Lord of the rings Strategy Battle Game will be my first game for this year's Skirmish Search.

Warmachine Colossals
Privateer Press announced  that they were going to do a set of Colossal Warjacks for Warmachine.  One of these days I'll have to get around to explaining my distaste of Privateer Press and Warmachine, but for now I'll just have to crap on the Colossals they have announced.

My biggest problem with these is that they are just bigger Warjacks.  Say what you want about Games Workshop, but Forge World's Titans are unique and something more than just a 3-Up Dreadnought or Sentinel.  I remember when I was really into Warmachine, way back before Prime through Superiority, and the idea of the Orgoth Colossal was awesome.  
Warhammer 40k is a squad based game that features vehicles in a very prominent role.  It doesn't take a lot to scale the game up to allow "Super Heavies" and the like to fit into the game.  Warmachine's mechanics work really well as a skirmish game and since they've long abandoned that it just seems ridiculous that they would want to keep scaling the game up.  

It really saddens me that Privateer Press is the only real competition Games Workshop has.  Instead of these companies competing and trying to make better models and games they mostly seem to exist to give the other cover for raising prices.

More Avatars of War Plastics
Yes, Avatars of War is another company copying GW's style.  They are, however, the best imitator out there.

Their Dwarf Slayer unit looks great and is a very reasonable price for high quality models. 
They are now coming out with a unit of Chaos Warriors that also look excellent.  I really like GW's Chaos Warrior unit but the Avatars of War unit would make for very excellent Chosen.
My own Warriors of Chaos are half way done and I'm likely to pick up a box or two of these so I can run a big unit of Chosen.

Mantic could seriously learn a thing or four from Avatar's of War.

Mantic's "Not-40k"
Yeah, I wish I could care but Mantic has yet again released a whole lot of stuff I can't be bothered about.  Sure, their figures are cheap but they are also really unimpressive.  
Ugh, yeah, I'm not going to buy or paint these.
I really can't be too bothered by them.  They're weedy, full of obnoxious details, and just lack any character.  Their figures are way too busy and just messy.  There is a real opportunity for a company to give Games Workshop some competition but between Mantic and Privateer Press I don't see anyone actually doing well against them.  It's a real shame.

New Tyranids

Call me a fanboy, but GW can keep raising prices if they continue to give me models I love.

The Hammer Dialectic Year Plans
February and March: I've hit a bit of a hang-up with my Tomb Kings.  I really like the models, the fluff, and the way the army plays, but I just can't put together another Skeleton Warrior.  I'll push and just finish assembly on these this week so I can bring them to Bart's Painting Day.  I'm really happy with how they're coming out, too.  Assuming I get it done in time, and I really think I can, this will be the army I take to The Colonial and wreck face with.  Or lose and slip back into alcoholism.  

Actually, quick aside: The Colonial is going to be a ton of fun but it ends hours before Wrestlemania begins.  At this point I'm unsure if I'm going to stay in New Jersey for another night so I can watch it or if I'll try my luck and race home to catch it before it starts.

April: After my Tomb Kings are done I'm going to paint up Dreadfleet, work on some Lord of the Rings, and do a lot of terrain.

I got into this hobby as an 8 year old kid who did odd jobs around the neighborhood to buy Hero Quest.  Ever since then I've really wanted to do a 3d miniature dungeon for these types of games and after The Colonial it'll finally be time.

May and June: After that I'm hoping to spend May and June finishing my Warriors of Chaos so I could bring them to Quake City Rumble.  I'm very happy with how they look and I think their play style would fit well with how I play.

I'm actually really excited about the Quake City Rumble.  Mike convinced me to go and is letting me stay with him.  Richard is also heading out and I'm expecting a really fun weekend.

July: I'm still debating on whether or not I want to hit up the NOVA Open.  A lot depends on work as I have a few projects and trips that happen around this time.  If I go I'll be going for Warhammer Fantasy since I'm really done with 5th Edition 40k.

August: This is where my schedule gets a little questionable but I'm expecting August to be filled with another skirmish game.  I'm really thinking about giving Dark Age a shot.  I have a few friends who are willing to push some figures around as long as I buy and paint them.

September, October, November, December: I'm really excited about the new edition of Warhammer 40k.  I love 40k.  Even though I'm having a ton of fun with 8th Edition Fantasy I'm really hopeful that the new edition of 40k can win me over.

When the new edition of 40k comes out I'll have to update my Tyranids.  I'm also looking forward to doing a new army for 40k so I can take them to the Mechanicon.  I went to the first Mechanicon in 2009 and have been trying to go back since.

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