Monday, January 16, 2012

Storm of Magic Tournament Report

Saturday was Richard's Storm of Magic tournament for Warhammer Fantasy.  We had a few people no-show but still had 6 of us playing.  It was a smaller than usual turnout but many of the local Warhammer players aren't a fan of Storm of Magic.

I had three good games and came in last or next to last.

My first game was against James and his Warriors of Chaos.  I had almost tabled him except for two of his Chaos Sorcerers still in Arcane Fulcrums at the end.  It's really hard to dislodge Toughness 4 Wizards with a 2+ Armour Save and 2+ Ward Save in a Fulcrum.  Good game, good player, and nice looking army.

My second game was against Richard who was the ringer.  Richard and I have had lots of great games together, but this was probably the only game him and I have played that wasn't very good.  We only made it three turns and we had a disagreement that just made us both feeling crummy.  Still, Richard is one of my favorite people to play with and we have had lots of excellent games in the past.

We did get to have Fimir versus Fimir action, though, and I think it is very cool that him and I had different ideas as to how a Fimir would look.

My last game was against Joey's Daemons and it was a very fun game.  We played a practice Storm of Magic game the previous week and he kicked my butt with a first turn Purple Sun from a Tzeentch Herald on Disc.  I couldn't let that happen so my Firebelly spent the the entire game Fireball-ing or Fireball Barrage-ing his Heralds.

He ended up winning in a decisive manner but this was one of those games that made me a better player.  I realized how badly I deployed and how badly I spent the rest of my Movement phases and I hope to learn from those mistakes.  I'm very thankful for this game, and actually all of my games against Joey in the last month, for giving me something to think about and helping me become a better player.

This tournament was a lot of fun and I'm glad to have played so much Storm of Magic.  I think it's a fun alternate way to play and will be awesome in campaigns.

The only complaint I have is that the entire game came down to capturing Arcane Fulcrums.  It feels a little bit like the worst part of 40k where you try to capture objectives on the last turn.  The major difference is that instead of stopping an enemy's Tank Shocks you're trying to stop their Magical Duels.  I feel that holding a Fulcrum gives you a lot of advantages to winning and that they should contribute additional Victory Points at the end of the game, or something similar.  Even still, Richard did a great job of having bonus points matter a lot more than simply winning the battles and this made each game a lot more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

I'm very thankful for this tournament since it got me out playing some games against some awesome people, inspired me to paint my Arcane Fulcrums and make a Fimir, and play around with other Lores I don't normally get to use.

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