Monday, January 23, 2012

Ogre Firebelly and Finecast Thoughts

I finished up my Firebelly for my Ogre army a few weeks ago.  I really love this model.  It's dynamic and new.

In game terms it has become one of my favorite models to use.  In the Storm of Magic tournament he did really well for himself.  I've grown to love the Lore of Fire now that I'm using the Firebelly more and more often.

My two favorite ways of playing with him are to have him escort a unit of Leadbelchers and giving the unit some punch and also throwing out some fire.  The other way I'm finding luck is running him like a Hydra.  He doesn't cost very much, is Toughness 5, has 4 Wounds, and works well as a threat on the enemy's flank.  The breath weapon works in the Shooting Phase and also means he can charge and win against more units than you would ever imagine.

I also wanted to speak about Finecast.  I know it has gotten a lot of negative press but I have purchased a few models made in Finecast and so far it has been a real treat.  I fully admit to being lucky and acknowledge that there are a lot of bad models but so far it's been great.  I can't imagine the Firebelly being metal.

In addition to the Firebelly we have purchased an Abaddon and a Cockatrice.  The Abaddon is gorgeous and the details are so much more crisp and apparent than the metal version.  I was seriously impressed with it.

The other model I have is a Cockatrice.

I also can't imagine the Cockatrice being made in metal.  The pose is too dynamic and the joints are too thin.  I can only imagine how it would tip over because of the metal wings.  Similar to the Firebelly it was a joy to put together and took no time to clean up and prepare.

The only issue it had, and it is an issue I experienced with the Firebelly, is that I used some Liquid Green Stuff to clean up some of the gaps.  Besides that it is a great model, cleaned up faster than most metal models, and put together in a flash.

So far I've been lucky with Finecast.  I hope should I encounter any problems that it will be remedied but all my experience with GW Customer Service has been outstanding so I have no reason to believe otherwise.

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