Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating a Fimir - Final

Continued from part 1


I managed to finish painting my Fimir Balefiend last night. We have a house guest so I don't have easy access to my light box but Ashley took some good pictures with her phone.

I'm happy with how he came out. I like the crazy insect thing on his staff and the sores on his body. I'm happy with the conversions I did, the face and cowl look good and the tail works I think, and overall I think he captures what a Fimir Balefiend should look like.

I have some Arcane Fulcrums I need to finish for next Saturday. I also have a unit of Maneaters and two Ironblasters to finish painting up. Those are on hold as I wait to get a bottle of paint (Reaper's Pro Series Bright Copper, I love that color and just ran out.) but I have some other things to share next week should I not get to them.

Here are some pictures of my Fimir!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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