Monday, July 4, 2011

Hobby update - Warriors of Chaos pt 1

Hey guys!

I've been very productive lately and am making progress on my Warriors of Chaos. I'm a tabletop quality painter but even still I must defend my painting some as the pictures don't do these figures justice.

First I have my Chaos Warshrine. I based it off of a Mage Knight figure, the Atlantaen Ram, and repainted it. The artifact it is carrying is a golden statue of a Chaos Spawn. I like to think there was a Chaos Sorcerer of metal that could not control the powers of magic and was granted spawnhood in the middle of a great spell from the lore of metal.

Next I made an unit filler. I have a ton of Chaos Spawn and want to use them and Joey on the CGL board suggested making a Chaos Spawn pet that is on a chain from a Chaos Warrior. I made him into a big slug type beast since the pose with the legs took up too much room to fit a Warrior onto as well. One little detail I like is that I made his flesh red and bloody from where the chains have rubbed against him.

Lastly here's a squad of 14 Tzeentch Warriors with a Chaos Sorcerer. I need to take a better picture but here is what they look like more or less. I'm really happy with how their shields came out and I think that ties the figures together.

This week I'll be working on a unit of Nurgle Warriors, 6 Chaos Ogres with Great Weapons, and a Chaos Spawn Centipede that will stand in for a Chariot of Khorne. Think The Human Centipede but with Chaos Spawn. Don't blame me, blame GW for making those Tide of Spawn box sets from a few years ago.

Be seeing you!

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