Monday, July 4, 2011

Hobby update - Warriors of Chaos pt 1

Hey guys!

I've been very productive lately and am making progress on my Warriors of Chaos. I'm a tabletop quality painter but even still I must defend my painting some as the pictures don't do these figures justice.

First I have my Chaos Warshrine. I based it off of a Mage Knight figure, the Atlantaen Ram, and repainted it. The artifact it is carrying is a golden statue of a Chaos Spawn. I like to think there was a Chaos Sorcerer of metal that could not control the powers of magic and was granted spawnhood in the middle of a great spell from the lore of metal.

Next I made an unit filler. I have a ton of Chaos Spawn and want to use them and Joey on the CGL board suggested making a Chaos Spawn pet that is on a chain from a Chaos Warrior. I made him into a big slug type beast since the pose with the legs took up too much room to fit a Warrior onto as well. One little detail I like is that I made his flesh red and bloody from where the chains have rubbed against him.

Lastly here's a squad of 14 Tzeentch Warriors with a Chaos Sorcerer. I need to take a better picture but here is what they look like more or less. I'm really happy with how their shields came out and I think that ties the figures together.

This week I'll be working on a unit of Nurgle Warriors, 6 Chaos Ogres with Great Weapons, and a Chaos Spawn Centipede that will stand in for a Chariot of Khorne. Think The Human Centipede but with Chaos Spawn. Don't blame me, blame GW for making those Tide of Spawn box sets from a few years ago.

Be seeing you!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chaos Watchtower for Warhammer Fantasy

I have a lot of updating I would like to do but for now this is what I have!

I've started to get into Fantasy in a big way. At least as big as I'm eager to get a fully painted army on the table and to really get to know 8th Edition as well as I know 40k.

I'm working on some Warriors of Chaos and I am making some really good progress on it.

Part of what I like to do is make terrain appropriate for whatever army I'm working on and with that in mind I had given some thought to doing a Chaos Watchtower. I was at the craft store last week and saw a bird feeder tower that looked to be the right size and for $4 I decided to give it a go.

I wish I had taken some pictures of it before I painted it but this is how it ended up. I put some Chaos shields on it and some bits from the GW Arcane Ruins set and I think on the whole it looks good and is the appropriate size.

I hope you enjoy!

Also! I made a double feature today of the new Transformers movie and Malick's Tree of Life. I won't go into a lot of detail except to say that they are both movies that are purely what their directors had in mind. Both are completely self indulgent and if you're into Bay or Malick you'll see exactly what you expect.

Be seeing you!
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