Monday, August 2, 2010

Ogre Tyrant Painted!


I got a Beastman Minotaur with Great Weapon off of eBay for $13, including shipping, and added some Ogre bits and green stuff and ended up with an Ogre Tyrant.

I'm happy with him. Richard gave me the idea from the Games Workshop site and I thought it would be great to do for my Tyrant. He was inexpensive and looks unique and that's a great combination.

He's also considerably larger than a regular Ogre so he'll look appropriately mean next to all the other gentlemen in the army.

I hope you like!

I've made some headway on other models, my Butcheress is near done, but not enough to show just yet. Unfortunately I'm shelving the army for a week while I finish up my Tyranids for the NOVA Open. All I need to do is dip and work on their bases but I'm painting up a new unit of Genestealers, using the Space Hulk ones, to go with the Space Hulk Brood Lord so the two squads will look different. I also want to finish up the Forge World Tyranid terrain pieces I have. Nothing too serious but I don't want to get distracted by my Ogres which are more fun to paint and feel less like work than my Tyranids.

Be seeing you!

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