Friday, August 6, 2010

Final List for NOVA Open


So I've decided on a list for the NOVA Open. It's a variation on the list I've been using but I think it's a little better. I want to try out a few more games with it but so far the three games I've played it in it has done better.

Here it is:

The Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Prime with Lashwhip + Bone Sword, Deathspitter

8 Warriors with Rending Claws, Deathspitters, and 1 Barbed Strangler
9 Genestealers + Brood Lord with Scything Talons
9 Genestealers + Brood Lord with Scything Talons
10 Termagants with Spine Fists
Tervigon with Catalyst, Scything Talons, Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs

3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
Doom of the Malan'tai with Spore Pod

3 Raveners with Rending Claws

The major change is dropping the Zoanthropes for Hive Guard, dropping two Genestealers and one Warriors, and added 3 Raveners with Rending Claws.

I've not liked Raveners when I tried them out before but that was in large part because I was not using the Swarmlord. I've found his 18" Synapse to be a big difference and having the Raveners stay within Synapse lets them dart out to take out Razorbacks and Chimeras without fearing being out of range of Synapse. I've also misused them in the past to dart out and attack Rhinos, which they would do well at, only to die from Bolter fire on my opponent's turn. I know better now and some games they will be used to tie up units, take out squishy static fire bases like Devastators, attack high priority vehicles or to sit back and act as a counter attack element for the rest of the army.

I'm still not happy with this list. It's the happiest I've been with any Tyranid list and I've tried everything from Warrior spam to Trygon spam to multiple Tervions to Stealer Shock and combinations thereof. I know this army can do well against a lot of different armies but I'm very unhappy that it will almost automatically lose against Imperial Guard. I expect to put this army away after the NOVA Open while I play some Fantasy and work on my next 40k army for the Mechanicon.

Be seeing you!

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