Friday, July 23, 2010

Painting, Tyranids, RTT


I've been busy painting as of late. I've been cracking down and painting Tyranids and Tyranids and even more Tyranids. My color scheme is simple and I'm going through pots of Bleached Bone at a fast pace.

I'm tired of painting Tyranids, however. I have a few more boxes I want to go through and then I'll be done. I'll have every unit from the book, minus a Mawloc, finished and ready to go in another month or two.

A big part of painting them is the dip. The Drunk Dwarves had an article years ago, I can't find it anymore as they've redesigned their site, that I used for painting and I'm using their approach of Bleached Bone carapace, Camo Green skin with a MinWax Polyshades Antique Walnut Satin dip. I'm using Mechrite Red for gribbly bits and tongues, which I think works as a nice splash of color.

Here's what they look like when dipped and finished:

I honestly am very eager to be done with them. I've had some fun doing some conversions, my Tervigon is rather neat and I need to finish a second, but the painting is just tedious.

Here's my Tervigon painted but prior to the dip:

I've also been bitten by the Warhammer Fantasy bug. As is predictable with me I have a bad case of Warhammer Attention Deficit Disorder (WADD) and I've gone from wanting to do Lizardmen to Empire to Ogres. I have quite a few of the first two, eBay has been very good to me, and a battleforce of the Ogres. I think I'm going to do the Ogres as they're the ones I can get painted and put on the table the fastest while having them look good and they are also the ones I can do for the least amount of money. I also really like my concept for them and I think my putty skills will be enough to pull it off.

Once that's done I'll be back to painting what I want and when I want. I started work on a Terminator from Space Hulk last night and it was fun and relaxing. He's also coming out very nicely and I think this is in large part because of my desire to paint him instead of painting for a deadline.

I've also been selling a lot of figures. I need the room in the apartment and my miniatures take up too much space, oddly enough. Because of this I'm selling a lot of figures and trying to downsize to just what I want. Once my Tyranids and Ogres are done I'll buy a box and paint it up. And then buy another box. And then another. I don't want to get stuck into the routine of buying entire armies all at once just to lose interest or get annoyed at how many models I have left. I need to better incentivize my painting and only allowing myself to get models once I'm done with the ones I have might do the trick.

Anyway, the IFL is having our quarterly 40k RTT tomorrow. I'm taking Tyranids and here is the list I've worked up:

The Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Prime with Lash whip, bonesword, deathspitter

10 Termagants with Spinefists
Tervigon with Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst
9 Warriors with Rending Claws, Deathspitters, Stranglethorn Cannon
10 Genestealers with Broodlord with Scything Talons
10 Genestealers with Broodlord with Scything Talons

Doom of the Malan'tai with Spore Pod with Cluster Spines
3 Hive Guard
3 Zoanthropes

It's a little light on models but I think it'll do strong. The Swarmlord has been very strong for me in most games and I'm trying out Warriors one last time. Warriors have been very hit or miss for me but I think they'll work in this list.

If I don't do well I'll better revise it for the NOVA Open.

The only downside to this list is that while everything is painted not everything is dipped and based. Since painting is not being scored tomorrow, which is a change from our regular RTTs, I'm not really caring. Dipping is such a pain and since I didn't need to do it for tomorrow I didn't and I'll get to paint more before I have to dip for the NOVA Open.

Speaking of the NOVA Open I'll be helping to supply terrain for the event. I purchased two sets of the Tyranid Capillary Towers and one of the Tyranid Spore Chimneys years ago and I've started painting them. I also purchased a HeroSpace starter that came with a nifty piece of terrain that I've painted up in my scheme. Here are some WIP pictures:

I'll try to take pictures this weekend and have my thoughts on this tournament as they'll be using the format and scoring from the NOVA Open.

Be seeing you!

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