Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ogre Pictures


Here are a few pictures of the models I've been working on for my Ogre army. My aim is to have a fairly unified vision for each model and to have each model look unique.

Unfortunately I think my vision is more ambitious than my abilities will allow but I'm happy with how things are coming along so far.

This is the first model I worked on. I really like the Skraag the Slaughterer model and wanted to go for something similar. I like how he has a butchers knife and cleaver for hands. I imagined his hands, and leg, were torn apart to feed the tribe and they shoved knives into his stumps and a log onto his leg so he could keep going on. He lost his lower jaw in some freak accident so he has all sorts of gore hanging from it and his tongue sticks out in a horrifying manner. This was partly inspired by that awful picture of a man's face after a motorcycle accident. He was originally going to be a Butcher but I decided to make him be a regular Bull. I sculpted a belly and continued his belt so he doesn't have a gut plate because of my intention to have him be a Butcher. I'm actually quite happy with how he came out.

This gentleman was a lot of fun to put together. He is going to be one of my Butchers. I think this model has a certain comedy to it as he's chomping on his own intestines but on the back of the model is a hunk of meat hanging from a hook on his belt. I took the Bellower arm and replaced the hand with a fist and then modeled the intestines in it. The other arm has been eaten away over the years and there's a bloody stump remaining for when times turn bad for this tribe of unlucky monsters.

This unlucky fellow took a canon ball to his body and managed to live. Unfortunately in a previous battle he lost his hands and now has rusted blades jammed into his stumps. He shambles along with his guts hanging out but he's a bit too dim witted to know when to die. Unfortunately tetanus is common in the Old World and I think this poor chap doesn't have too many days in front of him.

This poor guy was disemboweled and he is frantically trying to shove his organs and guts back into his body. This was inspired from a scene in Akira where one of the characters is having a nightmarish vision in which his guts fall out and he tries to shove them back into his body. This model, more than the others, shows how my vision is outpacing my skill. All the same I think it'll look decent when painted. The picture doesn't show it but he is also missing a hand, a common feature amongst this cannibalistic tribe, and he has a sword blade strapped to his forearm. It looks pretty nifty.

This is my second Butcher, or Butcheress in this case. She's one ugly Ogre woman! I modeled her to be massively pregnant and to have no shirt because it seemed like a fun idea. This is one of the very few models in my army that does not have any wound of any sort because I was a little (or very) uncomfortable with inflicting a pregnant woman with any bodily horror. I'm not totally happy with how she's modeled holding the heads of two poor victims by their hair but I think once I paint it it'll look better.

I'm going to keep at it. I'm almost done with the first batallion box and hope to finish the second soon.

Thanks for looking!

Be seeing you!

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  1. You should make the belly MOAR PREGGERS. Also, because she's got a giant cannibalistic beast in her womb, she shouldn't have the rolls. Belly-button, though.


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