Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IFL RTT and NOVA Open mission thoughts and Starting Ogres!


The IFL RTT was this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. Jeff Payne and I ende up going undefeated and him and I will hopefully get a match in for the IFL 40k Ziggurat tonight to decide who is top dog. Unfortunately my last opponent and all around good guy, Chris Shriner, had to go before the end of our game. I feel confident I was in a good position to pull out a win but things can swing wildly and the game was close. It's a real shame we didn't get to finish, though, as it was a good game.

My army worked well. The Genestealers were rad and the Hive Guard and Zoanthropes were spot on. The Swarmlord only made combat once, against Mark Callan's Salamanders, but he managed to swing the game by killing Vulkan and wiping out a squad of Thunder Hammer Terminators. The Swarmlord worked as a huge threat in all the other games and Doug McNaron's Wolrd Eaters and Chris Shriner's Tyranids tried to avoid him.

The Warriors and Alpha never made it into combat. I'm actually fine with that. They shot quite a bit and managed to really do a lot of damage and they were solid anchors on objectives. Since the other two missions were based on Victory Points and Table Quarters they were solid in denying Victory Points and by having a tremendous amount of points parked in a Table Quarter. If they shoot and provide Synapse and provide a threat bubble then I'm happy.

The list worked well on the whole. I'm torn on the Tervigon but he was solid in all of the games if not flashy but aside from that feeling, one I don't think is based in reality, I really do like the list and I managed to make it dance well. I made a few mistakes I won't likely make again and because of those lessons I feel more confident.

I liked the NOVA Open missions. I'm still leery by the absence of Kill Points and I've heard arguments why tournaments don't need them but I'm still not entirely sold on those reasons. I still feel very strongly that the reason things like Rhinos, Razorbacks, Chimeras, and the like are priced so low is because they were designed to be offset by Kill Points. I still think this is an elegant solution. I'm also not totally sold on 2,000 points being a good tournament size. I'm
happier with 1,500 to 1,850 (with 1,750 being a sweet spot) as army lists at that point size really force decisions to be made. At 2,000+ points I feel like I can take whatever I want and don't have to make too many hard decisions. I also feel like some armies scale up better than others. Whereas Tyranids, for instance, need to use all three Elites slots an army like Imperial Guard has a lot more power and flexibility.

All the same I'm eager for the NOVA Open and think it'll be both well run and a lot
of fun.


I'm excited for 8th Edition Fantasy. I've read the book and have seen a lot of games played. As I've talked about before I have a severe case of the WADD but I have stabalized on doing an Ogre Kingdoms army. I'm going to make a 2,500 point list out of the following:

2 Battalions
2 Rat Ogre Bodies from eBay
1 Beastmen Minotaur with Great Weapon from eBay
1 Ogre Kingdoms Butcher
8 Ogre Bodies from eBay
4 Irongut plates, arms, and weapons from eBay

From this I plan on making:

1 Tyrant with Great Weapon (from Minotaur body inspired by this)
1 Slaughter Master (using Butcher box)
2 Butchers (using Ogre Bulls and green stuff)
1 Bruiser BSB (using Iron Gut model)

10 Ironguts
15 Ogre Bulls with Iron Fists
5 Leadbelchers
2 Gorgers (Using Rat Ogre bodies)
3 Man Eaters (using Iron Guts with green stuff and lots of other bits to be Man
Eaters from the Chaos Wastes)
60 Gnoblars

The overall theme of the idea is that this is a tribe of Ogres that have fallen on hard times and that they've had to resort to cannibalism. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite books and I'm not ashamed to admit I cried like a monster made of sadness by it. It also has lots of really horrifying images and I'm hoping to capture some of that with this army. Lots of models will have wounds, missing limbs, and lots of other gruesome bits. I'm also very very tempted
to see if I can find a cheap Jason Voorhees action figure so I can take his hockey mask and make the Tyrant look like Lord Hummungus since the Minotaurs are incredibly ripped.

My next goal for this army is to have it painted and done by the time of the IFL Fantasy 8th Edition League Tournament, which should be in the middle of September. I've already started working on a modeling models and so far I really like what I have.

Once the first Batallion box is put together and modeled I'll do some pictures.

Be seeing you!

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