Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - February 24, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 6
Sold: 72
Painted: 18

Running Total:
Purchased: 79
Sold: 223
Painted: 110

More Malifaux this week, as well as a few Reaper Bones figures I meant to get to long ago.

First up are 3 Silurids. Marcus can take them, and I really dug the models. I think they came out better than the pictures (I really need to take photography more seriously) but I'm happy with them. Did water / swampy bases for them to make them a little different.

I painted up a second Razorspine Rattler (on the right). Fun model. They worked well as a pair when I played last night (first real game of Malifaux, too). The one on the left I painted a few months ago when I painted the Marcus box.

Willie is rad. I really dig that model and am happy with how he came out.

The Hoarcat Pride is fun. Apparently the 3 are supposed to be on one base, box came with three bases however. I'll redo them at some point in the future.

3 more Steam Arachnids, 1 Steam Arachnid swarm, and 3 scrap markers. I have 6 more scrap markers I need to finish up, and then some Scheme Markers.

The Electric Creation is really fun. I might pick up a second since it looks like Ramos can make them. Not sure if it's necessary, though, but I'm thinking on it.

The Essence of Power isn't a great model. I really didn't care for it, and the paint job shows. I'm not sure if his rules are even decent, I doubt he'll see much play.

The Rail Golem is rad. Really fun model to paint and I'm happy with how he came out.

I painted these three Fire Elementals to use them as Warp Flame Somethings so my Daemons could have a generic unit to summon and they could be whatever I needed in a given game. Never actually did this, but I finished them up. Fun models.

Sold this week is my painted Tau army. You guys will be missed. They helped me go 5-3 and win my bracket at NOVA a few years ago, before they got Riptides in the new book. RIP.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - February 16, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 82
Sold: 121
Painted: 14

Running Total:
Purchased: 73
Sold: 151
Painted: 92

This ended up being a busy week. First, for purchases I bought a bunch of Malifaux models:

  • 3 Steam Arachnids
  • 1 Steam Arachnid Swarm
  • Willie
  • 3 Hoarcats
  • 3 Silurids
  • Rail Golem
  • Essence of Power
  • Razorspine Rattler
  • Electric Creation
In addition to that I went in on the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter. That thing blew up more than I expected and I'm going to end up getting a ton of minis from it. 67 minis, to be exact. Not 100% sure what I'll do with them, I hope I can make a unit of Mushroom-men for Kings of War or something, but they're fun and I spent a very reasonable amount on it. But, still, that's a lot of figures this week. Doubly so as my goal is to only buy half as many figures as I paint, something I had been doing very well up until this week.

Also, I bought these last year (2013 actually) but my Reaper Bones 2 came in. Very, very excited about these figures. I hope to paint one or two a week. I'm not counting them as purchased now as they were purchased before, but I know that's a weird way to do things. Basically, from here on out I'll count any money I spent on figures that week as "Purchased", even if those figures won't be in hand for some time.

Painted this week are the last of the Hell on Earth miniatures. I'm very happy I finished these, feels good to paint every figure that exists in a range, and I'm happy with how they came out. I promise they look better in person, I need to upgrade my photography situation, but they still look pretty good. I really like these figures, manage to have a lot of personality and character without being cluttered. Really strike that balance.

The generic Post Apoc Hero isn't my favorite, but it's not a bad figure. I like the Psyker lady, though. She has a fun pose and was easy to paint.

 The Dr Darius Hellstromme Robot was fun to paint. I made him dirty and ugly, partly because painting clean white is a bit of a pain. He'll likely join The League of Socialist Robots.

 The Female Librarian and Stone were also fun. The Librarians and Junkers, both male and female versions, were probably the highlight of these figures. Really fun to paint and interesting.

 The Female Law Dog is a little more old timey than the male one, which is fun. Not sure what the Leader of the Iron Alliance is doing, throwing a flaming skull?, but she was fun to paint.

 I also really like the Toxic Shaman. Giving something fun for Native Americans, namely trying to extract poisonous radiation from the earth and letting them use that power for Post Apocalyptic magic, is a fun idea and I like both of the figures they have. The Female Templar is similarly fun, Post Apocalyptic Paladins and all. She's a little more sexy than I like in my female minis, but she seems to be the outlier in this range and she still has very realistic female proportions so it's easy to forgive.

 The Doombringer might be my favorite model from this range. Just really fun, evocative pose, and I dig the concept of evil radioactive mutants.

 The Female Doomsayer and Female Post Apocalyptic Hero were also fun to paint. I like it that the Post Apoc Hero has a teddy bear tied to her belt, little things like that give a lot of fun character.

 This is a Reaper model, although I guess technically all the above are as well, but this generic Post Apocalyptic Hero will definitely fit in and I picked up up a few weeks ago at Huzzah at random.

 Lastly I painted up Rauthuros from Reaper. It's a Bones figure I meant to use as a Bloodthirster, but instead he'll be just a generic demon lord for any future games I play. Fun mini, very very fast paint job but I think it's Good Enough (TM).

Sold this week is my painted Daemons of Chaos army. Very fun army to play, paint, and model. I'll miss them, but it's been over a year since I played them and it's time to let go. Cynically, I like 40k but I expect when I start playing it again it'll either be with a new army, or any armies I currently have will take time to update that it won't be much different than starting from scratch. RIP Daemons, you guys did me very well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - February 11, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 0
Sold: 0
Painted: 7

Running Total:
Purchased: 6
Sold: 30
Painted: 78

Sorry for the delay this week. Work has been very busy and I've been working out a lot. Gotta lose those pounds. Gotta look good for my dudes.

This week I painted 7 more models from the Deadlands: Hell on Earth Kickstarter. After these I have 12 more to go, and if I'm lucky and a little dedicated I should have them done for Monday. Fingers crossed.

These three were the male versions of the Law Dog, Doomsayer, and Templar. The Templar wasn't great, not a bad figure or anything, but there's a few things I didn't like about it. Probably the worst to paint of these figures so far, but still decent. I like the Law Dog and the Doomsayer a lot, though.

The female Junker and male Librarian are great. I wish the Junker's wrench wasn't bent, I tried to straighten it but had no luck, but despite that I think it's a very good figure. I'm also very happy with how the Librarian came out. I promise they look better than the photos show.

Last, the female Toxic Shaman and male Syker were fun to paint. I think they came out well, at least. I like these figures a lot, they are evocative and stylish without being overburdened with details (too many Sci Fi or Post Apoc minis seem to have leather straps and pouches everywhere and are way too busy).

I have 12 more to paint and hopefully they'll be done soon. I also have some more Malifaux figures to get to, and Reaper Bones 2 should be at my apartment on Friday. Lots of fun stuff to paint.

I'm also going pretty heavily into the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter. I like the Songs of Blades and Heroes game, and this seems like a good addition / upgrade to it. Plus the figures are nuts and different. You should take a look, too, should be a good one.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - February 2, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 0
Sold: 27
Painted: 19

Running Total:
Purchased: 6
Sold: 30
Painted: 71

This week I got more work done on some Post Apocalyptic miniatures, specifically from the Hell on Earth Kickstarter and some figures I think are appropriate from Reaper.

First are 6 Wormlings. I really like how they came out, painted up very fast but still look cool. They're one of the most iconic things from Deadlands: Hell on Earth.

Next are 6 Mutants. They had options for a left arm. I'm actually surprised by how good they look as a group, I was afraid them all being the same pose would look worse than it did. I'm actually pretty happy with how they came out.

Last are a Junker (Male) and two random survivors from the Hell on Earth Kickstarter. I really like the Junker and the female survivor on the right. I'm sad a lot of these figures, I think all of them actually, are OOP. I managed to get the entire range, going to try to paint them all now, but they're really nice figures and it's a bummer that they aren't available anymore.

Last are some Reaper Chronoscope figures. The doctor on the left looks a little manic, and has a robot arm, so I think he fits. A killer clown works as well. I love that Astronaut model, equipped him with a crowbar and some blood to make him look tough. The Sumo Wrestler is a Sumo Wrestler, but I imagine he would do pretty well against zombies and the like.

Finally, I sold 27 Dwarfs from the Lord of the Rings SBG. They're nice figures, but I'll never get around to using them for LotR. I think they're in a good home and I hope they get to see more time on the table than I gave them. They're definitely figures I spent more time painting (painted all these watching all 3 LotR movies a few years ago) than I ever did playing them.

Next week will be more Deadlands: Hell on Earth figures.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - January 26, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 5
Sold: 0
Painted: 22

Running Total:
Purchased: 6
Sold: 3
Painted: 52

I'm happy that this was another productive week. I only purchased 3 miniatures. I got 3 Metal Gamin for Malifaux, and two Reaper figures for more of my Post Apocalyptic game I'm working on.

I like both of these figures. I'm hopeful to get them painted this week.

I also got the Ramos starter painted, as well as the 3 Metal Gamin I purchased. I'm very happy with the end result but I have a few complaints. First, the Brass Arachnid is supposed to be mounted on a 30mm base. That is kind of ridiculous. I'm happy with the pose I got, I think he looks pretty cool actually, but it's another Malifaux figure that doesn't fit on the base. Howard Langston, Joss, and one of the Metal Gamin were almost as bad. I think it's pretty inexusable for how expensive the figures are.

Next, I got the plastic box of Metal Gamin. The figures are OK, I'm not thrilled with how they came out but they're not bad. I'm annoyed that they didn't come with the version 2 of their card, so I'll need to buy a box of cards to get it for the game.

I do like the figures. The Ramos figures are the least exciting of the Arcanists to me, but they are pretty nice. I suspect I'll need to get another box of the robot spider guys since I guess Ramos can make them in the game?

I probably should get out and play this game some day. Maybe soon. I hope I don't hate it.

Next are two robots from the Judge Dredd game. They're fairly large Soviet robots from the Sov Invasion box. I got the boxes for 50% off a few months ago, and I'm pretty happy with the figures. More robots for the League of Soviet Robots, at least.

Finally, here are the last of the Salvage Crew Kickstarter. I ought to do a write up about it. Long story short: the figures are better than I thought they'd be, I'm happy enough with them. I forgive a lot when a figure comes out to about $1 each, compared to $7 each for a Malifaux figure.

I painted this batch in red to give them a unifying scheme. I imagine them being a rag tag group of near future / Post Apocalyptic mercenaries.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - January 20, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 0
Sold: 3
Painted: 14

Running Total:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 3
Painted: 30

This is a day late. Yesterday was MLK Day and I spent it away from the computer.

This week was fairly productive. 14 models painted in total. I also sold The Trolls from The Hobbit, I had painted them for Adepticon last year.

This week I painted 8 more figures from the Salvage Crew Kickstarter, mostly robots. I also painted the Rasputina Starter for Malifaux.

I had a fun time painting the Rasputina set. I like the figures, and I think they came out nicely to a solid tabletop standard. Not going to win any awards (I don't paint that well, nor am I patient enough) but I like the way they look. I especially like how doing a coat of gloss and water on top of the Dulcote makes the icy monsters look more slick and real.

Here are more robots for the League of Soviet Robots. I like these models, they have lots of personality. They're a little odd, which I dig, and I'm just happy with how they're coming out.

This upcoming week I'm going to try to finish painting the last 9 models I have from that Kickstarter. After that I may try to do 12 models for a point of Crossbow Levies for the Moors in Saga. It's a little ambitious, but doable.

Finally, here are the painted models I sold this week. I hope they found a happy new home.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Hobby Pledge - January 12, 2015

New This Week:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 0
Painted: 4

Running Total:
Purchased: 1
Sold: 0
Painted: 16

This week was weirdly productive, but I don't have a ton to show.

I'm about half finished with the Rasputina starter for Malifaux, so that'll have to be for next week.

This week I did purchase a Warlord SU-76 for Bolt Action. I even got it painted. Additionally I painted up 3 Molemen for Malifaux. Not a bad week, but next week should be a lot better.


This model painted up fairly fast. I don't paint my Bolt Action tanks to be great, but I think they look pretty good. Look a little messy, with oil smears and grime everywhere. I like them, at least.

I'm still not too impressed with Warlord's resin. It's okay, but one or two pieces didn't make it to the model because of some things. It's a Soviet tank, though, so I'm okay with it being beat up a little bit.

I'm excited to use this in a tournament on Thursday. I think it's one of the best tanks in the game (it's cheap! versatile! and cool!)

Additionally I painted the plastic box set of Molemen for Malifaux. I don't know if they're good or not in the game, but I like the models.

They're not bad models, but not as good as they should be for $7 a model MSRP. I like them, but there are a few things that annoy me.

First, a model should fit on the base. The guy in the center really doesn't, he'd have to be sitting on the lip of those dumb Warmachine styled based. Some cork made it better, but I don't love it. The guy on the far right shouldn't look silly with one arm hanging over the edge. The figure feels out of balance. Not huge issues, but for $7 plastic figures I expect better. I still like them, love the concept, and am happy with them.

My paint job was intentionally messy. I still don't love it, but I think they look pretty good. They look good enough from two feet away, and maybe even good enough from 18 inches away.

Next week should be a more productive week, I'd imagine at least 10 models, but we'll see. I'm aiming for 500 painted models this year, with 200 coming from my existing pile of army mans.
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